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SEO Channels to optimise, its not just Google

People don’t just search on Google anymore. The number of SEO channels you should be thinking about optimising for has exploded in recent years. New potential traffic drivers are being created and launched every day.

Yes, a very large chunk of your traffic will be coming from Google, but it also could be coming from YouTube, Pinterest, blogs, Siri and more. In some countries Google is not the primary search tool, for example Yandex in Russia.

Some people would argue that the second biggest search engine is Amazon. From a retail point of view its hard to argue against that.

Each of the SEO channels have different algorithms and different considerations for you in terms of optimising for them. However, there is one common theme, which are KEYWORDS. Some form of phrase, sentence, combination of words will be input by the user as a query. For whichever channel you want your content to be found on, you need to enter relevant keywords in the main body of the post, update, share etc.

There are tons of tools available to give you keyword ideas. Many are focussed on researching keywords for Google but it does not mean you cannot use those keyword ideas for optimising your content for Facebook or YouTube or an Amazon comment.


The key is that people are discovering content from a plethora of channels. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your users and audience and try and figure out where they will search and what they will search for. Then seed the content updates on whichever channel with what they are searching for i.e. lace with relevant keywords in the right places. Below are some of the channels you can consider to optimise but really you need to make your own SEO channels version of the diagram below.

SEO Channels

Use the chart as framework for your product or services personalised SEO framework / roadmap.

One final note, is that its potentially a lot of work for one resource to optimise for ALL the above channels. You will need to use a partner or if budget is tight then automations to lighten the workload!

Have a look at this report about some of the main SEO platforms and tools that could help you on your journey.


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