Web Design Inspiration: Creative 404 Page Design Examples That Stand Out | TemplateMonster

Web Design Inspiration: Creative 404 Page Design Examples That Stand Out | TemplateMonster

Super creative ways to approach your 404 page design! Want to make coming soon pages on your website attractive? Want ready-made 404 page templates, check 👉 https://www.templatemonster.com/specialty-pages.php?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=tm_com

❗❗ Please keep in mind that this video includes various designs made by professionals. All rights belong to their respective owners. We just want to show how creative people turn a simple 404 mistake page into something amazing. This is a great 404 pages inspiration video for people who want to improve their websites and make them look more interesting and modern.

Meanwhile, we’ve picked eye-catchy examples showing you how to design coming soon page for website. To see all the featured websites with your own eyes, jump to the timecodes below ➡️➡️➡️

00:03 https://zhenyary.com/404
00:17 https://gruev.space/404
00:28 https://www.deplacemaison.com/404
00:40 https://pureemaison.com/en/404
00:50 https://www.firstborn.com/404
01:05 https://madeinhaus.com/404
01:17 https://yuenye.com/404
01:29 https://www.marie-morelle.com/404
01:40 https://agneslloydplatt.com/404
01:50 https://locomotive.ca/en/404
02:00 https://newday.agency/ru/404

It’s always great to get some design inspiration. There are numerous sources of inspiration. If you are a beginner then this video will be extremely helpful – you can see how designers create something amazing. This video would be great for skilled web-developers as well.

❓ What Is 404 Error Page?

The 404 error is quite common – it occurs when you (or a visitor) try to access the page that doesn’t exist. A common page with a common message “404 error” is quite dull and stale. Moreover, you can customize the 404 error page and make it more interesting. Consider adding various elements or make the page fit the overall design of your website. You can even go further and add a video game reference or something else.

However, we created this video that includes some really amazing 404 error page solutions that can not only make you smile, but you can also spend some time playing with those pages. Such creative ideas for website design can help you come up with a personal solution and create a stunning page.

Modern websites include various components that make them look more comprehensive and modern. Again, an old-school white-black page with a common message “404 error” may still work but it’s quite stable. Consider creating something that nobody has seen before. What if you create an animated 404 error page with various colorful patterns that move slowly and blend together?

Please consider this video as an inspiration for graphic designers. You can see various solutions and it will help you create a unique 404 page.

When you create a custom 404 error page please consider such factors as:
✔️ Try to create something unique
✔️ The 404 page should fit your website design-wise
✔️ Make sure it doesn’t take much time to load (it’s necessary to find the balance between the number of resources to download and design complexity)
It still should be informative – tell visitors that something is wrong
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