Social Media Marketing Funnel (What YOU Need to Know About Digital Funnels)

Social Media Marketing Funnel (What YOU Need to Know About Digital Funnels)

Social Media Marketing Funnel (What YOU Need to Know About Digital Funnels) //

Trying to set up a social media marketing funnel, but having some trouble understanding what EXACTLY a digital marketing funnel is an how it differs from a sales funnel?

You’re in the right place, because here, I break down digital marketing tutorial for beginners. Whether you are in need of a digital marketing strategy, or you’re just looking for some digital marketing 101, I’m talking all about digital funnels, digital marketing funnel explanation, and yes, even the digital sales funnel. You can use this methodology for a digital product funnel or for a digital marketing agency funnel. Digital product sales funnel is exactly the same.

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Video and Social Media Marketing for Restaurants During Lockdown

Video and Social Media Marketing for Restaurants During Lockdown

Some behind the scenes of getting one of my client’s restaurants switched over to takeout only. Social Media posts and videos to communicate to the customers what the changes are to the menu and restaurant.

Here is the restaurant website:

The equipment we use: out

Conecto Website:

Conecto Youtube

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7 Little Known Marketing Hacks for 2020

7 Little Known Marketing Hacks for 2020

Marketing is always changing. What used to work 3 years ago doesn’t work anymore because now EVERYONE is doing it. How do you stay ahead of the curve and make sure the marketing strategies you’re using are not only the most effective for your business, but also guaranteed to set you up for long term success.
In this video, Eric Siu shares his favorite marketing strategies and digital marketing hacks that will help you crush it in 2020.


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Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy – how to better yourself on Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking to get a better social media strategy or you are a business that wants to generate more leads and get more sales then watch this video on the Social Media Strategy Formula.

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Social Media Marketing and Traffic: Julia Jerg - Nomad Summit CM 2020

Social Media Marketing and Traffic: Julia Jerg – Nomad Summit CM 2020

This talk was about Social Media Marketing and Traffic by Julia Jerg given live at the Digital Nomad Summit Chiang Mai 2020. To get access to the Digital Nomad Tribe group, as well as updates on when the next live event will be, visit and sign up for the email list.

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My Marketing Strategies Revealed! (Funnel Marketing) 100% Free Strategies

My Marketing Strategies Revealed! (Funnel Marketing) 100% Free Strategies

Do you want to sell your products online without any cost? In this video I have shared my all strategies I am using to sell my product and services. Yes, they are 0$ Marketing Strategy.
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5 Social Media Trends for 2020

5 Social Media Trends for 2020

Raluca Radu in Episode 38 of #DigitalBrunch: Top 5 Social Media Trends for 2020

#DigitalMarketing #OnlineMarketing #SocialMedia

1. The Focus In Social Media Will Be On Creating Communities
2. Real-Time Interaction Will Be The Rule
3. We Are All Influencers & Brands Will Realize It
4. Social Commerce Will Be On The Rise
5. Social Proof & User Generated Content Instead of Paid Promotions

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According to the Hootsuite digital report, we have 4.4 billion Internet users worldwide and three point five billion social media users worldwide. So what would be some social media trends for 2020? Don’t forget that if you want to know more about digital marketing trends in general, you should just click on the link below this video and you will see our other video. And last but not least, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel because like this, you will never miss another video about trends or tips or case studies on online market coming back to the social media trends for 2020. I think that the most important thing will be that finally, brands will focus on communities with the rise of Facebook groups engagement in Facebook with the fact that most social media content will be about interaction and engagement and so on. Brands will finally realize how important it is to build a community around your brand. Secondly, it will be more and more about real time interactivity. With the rise of Facebook stories, with the rise of Instagram stories and other social networks focusing a lot on real time content, it will be obvious for brands that they will have to experience, experiment with quizzes, photos and other types of stories. Another important thing will be that we will probably forget the bit about the influencer marketing and focus more on micro influencers and nano influencers as they are called, actually on people that have small communities that are role models for certain communities and for certain followers and so on. And as more, we will focus even more than in 2019 on the return on investment of our marketing efforts. I think that my growing influence citizen nano influencers will be the most popular choice for most brands as we are talking about return on investment. Also, social commerce will be definitely on the rise. Now that Instagram late to check out with the Instagram. Now that shopper blog posts are so popular it will be much easier for brands to track the last conversions coming from Instagram. And therefore, social commerce will definitely be on the rise. It will be much easier for the customer to buy directly from social media because the social networks ensure this and it will be my teasers for the brands to track it. On the other hand, it will also be a lot about user generated content, especially as the newer generations and the younger customers are not so much about seeing perfect content as much as users are starting to run away from very promotional advertising. It will be more and more important for everyone. The word of mouth recommendations coming from other users social proof will be more and more important. So coming back to the first point is very important for brands to build communities and to interact with their users. And it will be more and more important for them to get user generated content and to encourage their customers to publish such content. It will also not be so much about vanity metrics because as Instagram is starting to hide these metrics. Probably brands will also realize that it’s much more about interactions and relationships. And last but not least, content will always be king. This is actually not a trend. This is how things have always been. Whether you’re about social media, marketing, whatever your digital marketing efforts are as a brand. The content that you create is very, very important. And it’s important whether that content is video, text or whatever else.

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How To Charge Clients For Social Media Marketing - How To Price Your Services - Shivam Chhuneja

How To Charge Clients For Social Media Marketing – How To Price Your Services – Shivam Chhuneja

#socialmedia #socialmediamarketing How To Charge Clients For Social Media Marketing

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In this video I go over the ways to set pricing for your services. It is a simple yet a detail oriented process that takes you finally to charging the prices to your clients that you deserve.

This has been a very common question from all of you guys and I hope this video helps you with the same.

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How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy (English) - Part 1

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy (English) – Part 1

In this video you will learn about how to develop a digital marketing strategy for clients.

Topics covered in video:
What is Digital marketing strategy? 4:25
How to understand the client business? 9:21
How to build a Buyer Persona? 23:00

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#DigitalMarketing #WhatisDigitalMarketing

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Facebook marketing strategy for 2020 & beyond.

Facebook marketing strategy for 2020 & beyond.

Growing your customer base with Facebook check-in marketing – is one of the most effective ROI marketing strategy options, it is freely available to businesses to utilise.
Businesses are in control of their own destiny with this minimal investment outlay & valuable ROI (Return On Investment). This proven marketing strategy is utilising the Facebook Check-in option.
Facebook has evolved as a social media marketing tool for businesses’ to grow their customer base satisfyingly. The strategy is to put into practice a tempting call to action, which is to invite everyone to check in on Facebook to qualify for the receptive offer. The offer can be anything, as long as it is a tempting incentive to entice as many people as possible to check-in on your business Facebook page link so that their check-in post displays your business name with a direct clickable link back to your Facebook business page.
The purpose of the check-in is to make HUNDREDS of people they know mindful of where they’re by displaying your business name & its whereabouts, with the aim of some of them becoming your customers, so that also check-in themselves in the same manner to ultimately growing the business customer base even more.
To follow up on this valuable advice, show us your appreciation by giving our business page the thumbs up to for this valuable advice. We will then proactively generate a jpeg display picture with your logo plus a couple of pictures from your Facebook business page, then we will text the jpeg to you. The ball will then be in your court, pop into any Photoshop that can produce Bluetooth jpeg photos or posters. The marketing objective is to strategically place the leaflet or poster where it will prompt people to check-in on Facebook. The outcome is to ultimately grow your business customer base. However, to maximise the marketing its important to monitor all the check-in activity regularly & respond to every one of them. Take a look at who’s checking in, see what they’re saying, & respond to comments accordingly, as the banter goes a long way with keeping followers keen to come back for more of the same. Head over to explore the Webable Zone website to also familiarise yourself with other tools & services that would also benefit your business if deployed online to grow public awareness.

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