Come Creare La Tua Agenzia Di Social Media Marketing (SMMA) Nel 2020 - Spiegazione Completa (A-Z)

Come Creare La Tua Agenzia Di Social Media Marketing (SMMA) Nel 2020 – Spiegazione Completa (A-Z)

Lezione Gratuita Di 2 Ore Su Come Sfruttare L’Opportunità Del Social Media Marketing: Hai Qualche Domanda …

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#1 Reason Why MOST Digital Marketing Agencies FAIL (SMMA, SEO, PPC) 🚫

#1 Reason Why MOST Digital Marketing Agencies FAIL (SMMA, SEO, PPC) 🚫

#1 Reason Why MOST Digital Marketing Agencies FAIL (SMMA, SEO, PPC)

Google Ads Training Academy:

In this video we go over the main reason marketing agencies / ppc agencies / seo agencies / smma agencies FAIL – LACK OF REVENUE!!!
If you are starting a digital marketing agency/business/service/consultant you must watch this video.
ppc clients
seo clients
smma clients

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Avoid Selling Adwords Services In THESE Niches 💀 (Don’t Do It)

Best PPC Niches – How To Sell Google Adwords PPC 💰💰💰

PPC Pricing Models 🔥 🔥 How Much To Charge For PPC Management

Marketing Clients: How I Got My FIRST Digital Marketing Client

#1 Reason Why MOST Digital Marketing Agencies FAIL (SMMA, SEO, PPC) 🚫

24 Ways We’ve Landed Digital Marketing Clients For Our Agency

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How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency | SMMA [COMPLETE GUIDE: PART 1] Digital Marketing

How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency | SMMA [COMPLETE GUIDE: PART 1] Digital Marketing

Want a chance to win The Digital Marketing School 2.0? Leave a comment below with your goals for this year and we’ll pick a winner for every 100 comments!

Have you thought about partnering with an expert to get your agency started right?

Fill out the form below to see if you qualify to work with my agency and I to get yours off the ground and running smoothly in 2 months or less:

A marketing agency is a business that provides campaign solutions to companies that are trying to increase their brand recognition on the internet. In this instance, strategies are done online or digital, instead of traditional methods such as radio, print or TV ads.
Digital marketing is comprised of various methods that I like to call SWEPS which stands for Social, Web, Email, Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Marketing. Then there’s also CM which means Content Marketing. Once you have learned at least one of those strategies, you can start earning money running campaigns for companies that need your expertise.
If you are planning to start an SMMA in 2020, you must have heard a lot of things that hinder you to start, and one thing is probably the oversaturation in the marketing industry. Think about how a lot of entrepreneurs start their businesses per year – there are millions! That said, you are guaranteed that you can find a potential client who will be needing your assistance to come up with successful campaigns that will drive traffic for their business.

To start your marketing agency, you will need these:
1. Laptop
2. Internet
3. Business License
4. Tax ID
5. Bank Account
6. Niche
7. Business Name
8. Website
9. In-depth understanding of SWEPS and CM

00:01:47 – Making $10,000+ Per Month or MORE [What They Don’t Tell You]
00:09:43 – SWEPS + CM Digital Marketing Explained
00:20:11 – Playlist
00:20:22 – Facebook & Instagram With Ads
01:05:15 – What is Your Focus?
01:05:30 – Website Marketing, Development, & Design
01:29:34 – Are you looking for more instructional videos like this?
01:30:05 – Email Marketing & Automations
01:45:23 – PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing A.K.A. Paid Ads

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How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency with No Money?!

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency with No Money?!

💰💻 How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency. In this video I cover the best way to put together a digital marketing business plan when you have no money in the bank.

In this digital marketing tutorial for beginners I list FREE ways to gain SMMA clients for your social media marketing agency and how to start off with no money to build a successful digital marketing career.

These are the strategies I used at the beginning of my social media marketing agency. SMM has been the driving force for myself to becoming completely financially free over the last few years, this is why I believe that starting a SMMA is one of the best business models out there right now, especially in 2019.

All business owners must start marketing digital in 2019. So what better time than now to start a SMMA.


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Disclaimer: To support the channel some of the links above may be affiliate links. Statements on this site do not represent the views or policies of anyone other than myself. Starting a business takes hard work and dedication… Please do not buy my products if you do not intend to put in the effort or if you are looking for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme (Hint, they don’t exist).

#marketing #digitalmarketing #socialmediamarketing

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3 EASY TO SELL Services For A Digital Marketing Agency - SMMA 2020

3 EASY TO SELL Services For A Digital Marketing Agency – SMMA 2020

3 EASY TO SELL Services For A Digital Marketing Agency – SMMA 2020
💰🤩How To Start & Grow Your Own +$10k/Mo Marketing Business (My Exact Blueprint & Business Model) 👉

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Instagram Ads For Beginners 👉
Facebook Ads For Beginners 👉
Facebook Pixel Tutorial 👉
Make Money With Facebook Ads 👉
Start A Digital Marketing Agency 👉
$0 – $10k/Mo Marketing Agency 👉
Top 3 Facebook Ads for Realtors 👉

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How to Start an INSTAGRAM MARKETING AGENCY - Social Media Marketing Agency business

How to Start an INSTAGRAM MARKETING AGENCY – Social Media Marketing Agency business

How do you start a social media marketing agency and yes that does include using Instagram to make money and get clients

In this video, I’m going to break down the start-up cost, expenses, and profits; and on top of that we are going to go through some action steps to actually get started today. And no not in 10 hours, in 18m.

What it is: People that solve the problem for businesses that don’t have a presence online and because they miss out on traffic that converts into customers.

Overall: remember businesses care about results and results are customer and dollar signs if all you can do is get likes they will fire you.

Buzz Words: Tax-deductible, 1099 no healthcare, more customers, more money, cancel anytime

1. Start-Up Cost (all deductible)
– Can be 0 ( You’ll have to do a lot of youtube free content research )
– Can be 1k ( You can buy one course and make your life a lot easier)
– LLC & Business Name
– Contract ( Get templates online )
( my recommendation: get a course)

2. Expenses ( all deductible)
Research Expense: Its all about staying in the loop and constantly learning
Ads to build up your brand or sell your service
Employees if you want to automate
CPA (I just hired one today)
3. Profits
– 1-10k per client, depending on who they are
– Automatic and give employees 20%

Action steps
Assuming you already took a course and incorporated
If you haven’t, keep watching put know you’ll have to do a lot of research on your own

1. What do you want to do? Pick a niche, and decide how much money you want to make, know the people doing it
– Follow all the professionals that you know that are doing that niche on a hire level and follow them.
– Why? Because we are going to study them: no matter how authentic they look, most of them have a marketing strategy. ( notice gary vee tweets at the same time that companies send emails: its strategy.
– Example: gary vee, I want to start a personal branding agency where I teach people how to build it up. I would go to gary vee and see what his doing
( Pick one thing and lock in for 18months, not working then switch)

2. Creating your Branding around niche
– Im talking get a nice profile picture that’s professional and catches people attention, and relate to what you do.
– Get your bio together ( tell people what you do, credibility and who you help
– And the best strategy for this is copy and paste ( so go to the people that do it on a higher level and copy and paste and just replace it with your info “boom.”
( its for business not for posting about how much you like Starbucks)

3. Creating the Brand, posting Content, giving value
– Your goal with your Instagram is to provide value, a very good tip everyday
– For your Instagram stories, your goal is to show people another perspective. Who you are, what you do, and how you can help them
– Now you might be curious about persuasion and marketing strategies, the key is to learn from the best. ( most curses give you 30 days to return it if your not getting results then return it)
– Posting ( post every day and think about the person you’re talking to, when are they more likely to be available to watch and listing to what you have to say)

4. Then you start connecting with businesses, building a network, getting customers
– (organic) Get customers you need leads and to get leads, you need to know your niche
– Example: if my niche is restaurants, I would start contacting them, checking google maps, online, and even going personally.
– The Goal: is get your foot in the Door and provide value for them and then they’ll know your fee is worth it

5. Automate The How
– Remember you want to get the customers that’s the goal ( businesses don’t care about likes)
– OR whatever niche you picked
– The best way to get the customer is (paid ads), so you need to become an expert at advertising.
– Hyper targeting: making sure you targeting the right people
– 1099: once you learn everything, then you can teach, and truly create an agency that not just you ( you pay them 20% commission, and you get 80%)





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SEO - Digital Marketing Agency London

SEO – Digital Marketing Agency London

SEO – Digital Marketing Agency London

WHR Marketing provide the following Online Digital Marketing Services:
• SEO (Search Engine Optimisation):
• Local SEO:
• PPC (Pay-Per-Click):
• Local Citations:
• Content Marketing:
• Ecommerce Product Descriptions:
• Infographic Design:
• Branding Services (including Logo Design & Brand Identity):
• Content Distribution – Media Placement:
• Press Release Service:
• WordPress Website Development
• Social Media Management

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In human terms – this customised report will find all the problems on your website that are stopping you from increasing and maximising the amount of customers, clients and sales that your business deserves to be getting.

We will find your online business problems and offer you the solutions.

After that, it’s up to you with what you do with the solutions.

In technical terms, we will find your online problems and offer solutions to optimise:
✅Usability (including Mobile Friendly and Page Speed Optimisation)
✅Security (including SSL, Malware and HTTPS)
✅Organic Traffic (Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO)
✅Local SEO (including GMB, Local Citations)
✅Backlink Profile (including High-Quality Link Building Opportunities)
✅Content Marketing (including SEO Articles and Unique Infographics)
✅Paid Traffic (including PPC)
✅Social Traffic (including Organic and Paid Traffic)
✅Branding (including Brand Strategy and Logo Design)
✅Press Release Opportunities (including Content Placement and Media Distribution)
✅Customer Reviews Service (including Reputation Management)

Affordable SEO Services for Small Business – Get your Free Online Business Report Video will take you through to our Home Page: where we will answer the following questions:
What are SEO Services?
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WHR Marketing LTD is an Online Digital Marketing Agency.
We help entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes grow online.
WHR provide SEO and White-Label SEO Reseller Services to clients and customers worldwide.

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How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in 2020 [SMMA]

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in 2020 [SMMA]

👇👇👇 $7 SMMA COURSE 👇👇👇

The new year is here which means we have big goals! If you’re wanting to start your own digital marketing agency, you’ve found the right video!

Step 1:
Educate Yourself
Learn as much as you can about Digital Marketing and get a better understanding of the industry before trying to sell your service
Have a solid understanding of running email marketing campaigns, what SEO and PPC are, what design and development are, how to create online funnels, how to find clients, outsourcing, pricing, and selling your services.

CE uses a process called SWEPS. These are the major parts of Digital Marketing that you have to understand in order to run a successful Digital Marketing Agency.
Social Media Marketing
Website Design
Email Marketing
Pay-Per-Click Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

Step 2:
Pricing Your Services:
Create Pricing Tiers based on services provided.
Tier 1 – $999 [Management Fee + $500 Ad Spend – %25 Fee] = $1399
Make sure you are getting paid.
Do NOT Give away services for FREE
Charge a Minimum $500+
Tier 2 – $1999
Tier 3 – $4999

Step 3:
Create Business Plan
Come up with your company name, determine what industry or niche, and service offering.

Step 4:
Approach Businesses
This can be done through cold calling, networking events or even doing digital marketing audits for businesses.

Step 5:
Getting Results
Once you land clients and you are getting new business you have to be able to prove to current clients and any future clients that you get results.

Step 6:
Build Your Team:
Once you get some clients paying at least $3000 per month, building a team is going to be essential.
Find people to create content, edit your video content, copywriters, graphic designers.

Are you ready to start your business in 2019?

Video Document/Blog Article

Build Your Brand’s Reputation
Manage an SMMA Virtually
Facebook Ad Performance Tracker

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Digital Marketing School:
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What Social Media Marketing Tools & Software Do You Need For Clients? (SMMA Secrets)

What Social Media Marketing Tools & Software Do You Need For Clients? (SMMA Secrets)

Want Me To Mentor You Every Day? Click here ⏩

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What Social Media Marketing Tools & Software Do You Need For Clients? (SMMA Secrets)

In this video I am going to show you Social Media Marketing Tools and Software and some essential Social Media Management Tools and Software.

This video will help you with your Social Media Marketing Agency.

Enjoy – Bradley Riley


Social Media Marketing Academy Program, Enroll Now:







#smma #socialmediamarketingtools #socialmediamarketing


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Best Social Media Marketing Niches 2020

Best Social Media Marketing Niches 2020

How To Build A Six Figure Ecommerce SMMA 👇🏼


What Social Media Marketing niche should you choose?

Well, when it comes to picking a niche for your SMMA – there is one that always comes out on top

There is one niche that beats all others and I personally think it is the best for a myriad of reasons

And in this video, I cover those exact reasons!

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