5 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

5 Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch in 2020

In this week’s Tuesdays at 2, Emily and Leslie are continuing to talk about some of the big trends to watch out for this year. Join them today as they look at the top 5 mobile marketing trends for 2020.


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A Guide To Different DIY PR Tips For Small Businesses

A Guide To Different DIY PR Tips For Small Businesses

PR Tips – Do you want to ensure your business has some great PR and manages its online presence correctly? These tips will help you do just that.

#1:  Telling The Brand’s Story
Storytelling is an ideal means of transforming a brand presence and identify; thus, creating a rapport with consumers or other industry professionals.  Some of the most interesting stories come from the owner and loyal clients.  You can tell a story of how the brand was created, while customers can share stories of their personal experiences with the brand.

One way to think of a brand is as a human.  The more unique and genuine personality, the greater the feelings of trust from others.  Always tell potential consumers why the company exists, the principles, ethics, evolution and anything else that can create a “full picture” of the brand.  It can seem uncomfortable at times but try and have customers share their experiences with your business and how it was beneficial.  Compelling stories provide an audience with a means of emotionally connecting with the company and setting the tone for the business. They can also help bury negative press or RipOff Reports according to Velseoity.com

 #2:  Keeping Updated In The Industry

It is vital that you stay informed and updated on all aspects related to your specific industry. Set Up Google Alerts And Twitter Mentions.

One of the most modern means of staying up to date is by finding and following top influencers in your industry; then, read up on what your rivals are doing.  Sites such as IFTTT allow people to collect articles across the internet by using relevant keywords.  Furthermore, the content can be delivered directly to your email address..Remain Knowledgeable In The Industry.

To appear as a business that is “in the know”, it is important that you remain knowledgeable in all areas of your industry.  You never know when the spotlight will land on you and you’ll need to impress people.  Understanding issues in your niche can help you attain projects and maintain customers. 

#3:  Networking With The Top Industry Influencers

Being knowledgeable in an industry means more than reading articles.  It is important to stay updated on influencers and top reporters.  Once you are following these people, it is recommended that you attempt networking.  Take notes on what the writer focuses on and you can easily strike up conversations with these professionals.

One tip is to create a list of the news sites and blogs where influencers share their experiences.  Where possible, comment on the posts and engage with the individual (regardless of whether it is a blog post or Twitter chat).

Networking and building contacts are a beneficial means of building a brand and making a name for yourself in an industry.  Of course, the comments and chats should not be self-promotional or forced on an influencer.  DIY public relations is about authenticity, reliability and trustworthiness.

 #4:  Conduct Research And Try To Remain Objective

Research and objectivity are important when creating a brand.  You need to ensure you have something unique to contribute to the industry and are able to contribute to conversations.  The contributions may be referrals to podcasts or articles, but this indicates your research skills and interest in the field.

It is vital that prep work is done before making any PR pitches.  Try studying the outlets you are looking to contact and see if there is a specific individual to which you should send a pitch.  Once again, try to learn as much as possible beforehand and try to remain objective when finding information.

#5:  Perfect Pitches

Sending pitches and putting your brand “out there” before any services or products are available can be detrimental.  This can result in poor customer reviews which is a veritable death sentence for start-up businesses.  Try to create a perfect pitch offering high-quality services or products to gain better press once the company starts.

As is mentioned, you should focus on perfecting a service or product before it reaches the media.  Do not be embarrassed or scared to ask for testimonials from a group of trusted colleagues.  Positive feedback is an ideal way of improving on products and the service quality.



Business Directories – Top 10 x Free

Free Business Directories

Business Directories – Top 10 x Free

Business Directories Getting listed for Free will only help your  Google Page Rank over the long run. It’s vitaly important to get good quality links to your website. A simple and cost effective way is to add your site to various Business Directories. There are literally 100’s of good directories out there , but we have compiled a list of the top ten FREE Business Directories you should get listed in asap.

1/ Google My Business :The very best place to get a FREE High Page Rank listing for your business is Google My Business. If the world’s largest & most popular Internet search engine is giving you a Free Link , bite their arm off .You can create a full portfolio for your Business and  add photos, opening times  reviews & contact Details.

2/  Yell : Do you remember the good old chunky  yellow pages business directory which was delivered to your address every 6 months. Well the brand now titled Yell is still going  and soon to be rebranded again as Hibu.You can get a  comprehensive business listing with yell for free. As well as featuring in Google searches, your business will appear in all yell.com searches and in the mobile app version of Yell.You can add a vast number of keywords in the Services/Products section & you can Also link your social media links to your profile page. Thumbs Up !!

3/ Freeindex :FreeIndex has been around since 2003 and is a valuable place to list your business for free. The site is frequently crawled  by Googlebots and your listing will appear in Google search results within 24 hours.Customer reviews will propel your business to the top.

4/ Lacartes : Lacartes is a relatively new business directory, but is well respected by Google, and you can expect to be listed on it very promptly. It has a  professional feel about it, and you can add a header photo to make your listing look more outstanding .You can define several keywords to help get your business found also.

5/ Scoot : The Scoot network is another great place to get listed for free and promotes your business listing on  the Directories of the Independent, The Sun, The Mirror and Touch Local all in one go.  So getting yourself listed here is no brainer. Although you don’t get a free link to your website, You can link your Social Profiles and upgrade if you need more services.

6 / Cylex : Another popular free business directory is Cylex and this directory is human edited for your information. The directory features  well on Google and it is well worth few minutes of your time.

7 / Business Magnet : Another fantastic place to get a business listing, with a link to your website. You can pay more for a better listing, but the free one works just fine

8/ Yelp : Yelp is a global business directory for local businesses. It offers a comprehensive range of features, including a website link, opening hours, photos and more.

9 / Searchme4 : This is another comprehensive directory listing that has the usual features, however, the unique selling point of this directory is the ability to post news about your company on the website.  Definitely worth five minutes of your time to get listed.

10/ Uk Small Business Directory : Last of all we have , the UK Small Business Directory which offers a human edited directory in microdata format.

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8 x Marketing Tips for Small Business Growth

Marketing tips

8 x Marketing Tips for Small Business Growth

Here we have 8 x Free Marketing Tips for small business growth without having to spend $100000 for marketing . Lucky for you there are 1000’s of cost effective ways to attract more business and hence grow.

Here we recommend you try these 8 x Marketing tips for small Business Growth.

1 / Send a weekly newsletter .To build relationship with your customers, there is nothing simpler than creating a weekly e-mail that provides something of value. E Mail marketing is a cheap & effective way to promote your brand and is ideal for small business on a shoe string budget. Mailchimp is a great e-mail package with nice prices also.

2/Sponsor an Organization. To sponsor local organizations is not that expensive. You could offer to donate some freebies to a local charity for example in return for being mentioned in their weekly newsletter.

3/ Support a Cause – It’s a proven fact that if you support a cause people are more inclined to follow ,support or shop with you. People like to see that your not all about profit and have interest in supporting something positive.

4/  Attend Networking Events – Networking is a must for small business owners , it is a effective way to promote your brand or business to a community’s that might be interested in your product or services. It is also a good way to get more leads and generate interest.

5/ Create an Event – People love an Event ! Create a buzz about your business with this simple and highly effective way to grow. You can be as creative as you like with your event, just remember to add a fun element to your event. You can easily set up a Event on Facebook and many other social media channels.

6/ Give Samples of Products- Find something cheap and inexpensive to give away. People adore freebies of any kind and more likely to follow your brand & recommend you to others  just for your generous good nature. It is also a great way to get your product noticed.

7/ Be Helpful – Offer a little time to your audience by offering a free service or advise i.e Follow our  Live Twitter feed every Monday 7 pm for question & answer session. Consumers like tobe able to interact with you .

8/ Start a Podcast – People love to tell their story, and by highlighting them on a podcast you make an instant and meaningful connection. It’s also a great way to get an education on a topic you are interested in.



Growth Tip #013 – Small Business – Use Fiverr

Growth Tip #013 – Small Business – Use Fiverr

If you run a small business it can be a complete nightmare getting affordable digital services. So some kind soul has invented Fiverr.com for that.Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, starting at  $5 only. The site is primarily used by freelancers who offer a variety of different services online.Currently, Fiverr lists more than three million services that range from $5 to $500

Each service offered is called a “Gig”
Below are some of the professional digital services you can buy for a $5

Graphics & Design
Online Marketing
writing Translation
Video Animation
Music & Audio
Programming &tech
Business & more

https://www.fiverr.com .Start and grow your business for $5