Shopify Free Traffic Strategy + Facebook Marketing

Shopify Free Traffic Strategy + Facebook Marketing

Learn how to utilize Facebook groups and other communities to market your products and drive traffic for free, Use this strategy to season your pixel as well as validate your product before throwing your hard earned money towards Facebook ads!

Facebook group master list with updates –

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Shopify SEO Optimization Tutorial For Beginners 2020 (FREE TRAFFIC) - PART 1

Shopify SEO Optimization Tutorial For Beginners 2020 (FREE TRAFFIC) – PART 1

In this video, we go over the exact techniques you need to use in order to do proper shopify SEO for your Shopify dropshipping store starting 2020! Use these techniques to utilize the power of SEO and take your Shopify store to the next level of success!







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How to Make $600/Day on TikTok | Shopify Dropshipping Ecommerce

How to Make $600/Day on TikTok | Shopify Dropshipping Ecommerce

TikTok is a new and upcoming social media platform that has the power to take over Instagram in the next couple of years.

In this video I share a strategy with you which could make over $600 a day on TikTok. Not only am I sharing this essential piece of information with you, but I also show you how to reach a wider audience on TikTok by simply changing one setting in your profile

🚀 How To Make $100,000+/Yr Through eCommerce (A-Z Road Map)
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Epic Growth Strategies from Vargab Bakshi, Shopify

Epic Growth Strategies from Vargab Bakshi, Shopify

Watch our latest video: How to Go Viral on Quora

Craig Campbell hosted Vargab Bakshi, Head of Partnerships for Shopify India. Vargab is an expert in e-commerce and has prior experience in Google and Martjack.

Craig gathered Vargab’s secrets on how to use growth marketing in e-commerce and wider marketing fields.

00:00 – 04:11 – Introduction
04:12 – 46:50 Growth marketing strategies and personal success secrets by Vargab Bakshi
48:00 – 01:00:17 – Q&A
01:01:06 – 01:01:34 – Closing


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Best Mobile Marketing Apps for Marketers

Best Mobile Marketing Apps for Marketers

#MobileMarketing has emerged as a crucial means to be found by and to grab the attention of the always-on-the-go customers. For successful mobile marketing, marketers need to constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to improve their brand exposure. Mobile #marketingapps will help marketers manage mobile marketing on the fly.

Mobile marketing involves reaching out to your potential customers wherever they are and the best way to reach them is through channels they use on their mobile devices, such as text messages, #socialmedia apps and sites, shopping apps, etc. Here’s a short introduction into each of these platforms to help you understand and plan your mobile marketing strategy around them:



Facebook Pages Manager

The #Facebook Pages Manager app is one-stop-shop for every #socialmedia manager. The app lets you manage all interactions with your brand — create posts, comment, share, tag and send and respond to direct messages. This enables you to communicate directly with your customers, enable transactions by simplifying product (or service) browsing, and purchase, drive brand (or new product launch) awareness and integrate customer service.

#WhatsApp Business

Designed with SMBs in mind, this free app enables business owners to interact with customers with tools such as automated messaging, quick replies, and sorting and organizational tools. The best part of #WhatsApp Business is that it enables easy access to communicate with your customers and prospects. Simply share the link to your WhatsApp account, like you would for any social media channel.

#YouTube Studio

Google launched #YouTube Studio in March 2018, to make it faster and easier to manage your YouTube channels on the go. #Marketers can use the app to update videos (thumbnail images, monetization settings, schedule dates, etc.), manage playlists, filter and respond to comments, and monitor channel performance.

Instagram Business Account

With your #Instagram Business account, you can set up a free business profile and drive brand awareness. The business account gives you real-time metrics on your stories, posts, and followers. There is a plethora of options to advertise with IGTV, live, stories, videos, photos and carousel and collection ads.

Twitter for Business Account

#Twitter is a news discovery and social platform ideal for your business to connect with a relevant, engaged audience. #Twitter’s Promote Mode is an affordable way to automate and boost your marketing efforts. You also get recommendations on new Tweet Strategies. The most important use of Twitter as a mobile marketing app is that you can provide timely information, customer service and jump on to trending conversations, which will help develop good relationships with your #customers and #prospects. You can be a thought leader on Twitter or use it to connect with potential customers, influencers, and brand advocates.

Here is a list of #mobilemarketingapps that can help you manage all your mobile marketing activities across platforms under one roof:

If This Than That (IFTTT)

IFTTT can supercharge your mobile #marketing strategy by helping them automate, prioritize, and analyze to get the maximum out of their content and campaigns. With IFTTT applets you can manage your most used platforms together, be it uploading an email attachment on Google Drive, archiving tweets that you posted, using Google Calendar to keep track of your posting schedule or promote your business by sharing Instagram photos. You can also use other platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, etc. The app lets you set triggers for your mobile marketing actions and location-based triggers too!


Skipio is a mobile marketing app for business texting, that helps you automate messages, follow-up with customers, send personalized communications via SMS, communicate with individual groups, and help inform, engage, convert, and retain customers. You can manage your #SMS campaigns, integrate with your #CRM system, create keyword-based campaigns, measure the performance of your messages and much more.

Shopify enables you to run your business, manage your orders, products, staff, and customers from wherever you are. You can reach your ideal shoppers through content marketing, SEO, and social media. KIT, your virtual employee at Shopify will help you create campaigns to promote your products, automate marketing tasks such as awareness messages, emails, drive sales. You can also tweak your campaigns over time, based on inputs from the performance dashboard across all channels. You can manage your in-store and online Shopify stores on the go, from your smartphone.

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Facebook ADS Strategy ($5k-15k PER DAY) - Advanced Shopify Drop-shipping

Facebook ADS Strategy ($5k-15k PER DAY) – Advanced Shopify Drop-shipping

– Text “level up” to 94253

Link to slides:

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$8Mil Email Marketing Strategy and Tools for Shopify Dropshipping | Joshua Chin Interview

$8Mil Email Marketing Strategy and Tools for Shopify Dropshipping | Joshua Chin Interview

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Welcome Joshua Chin – the EMAIL marketing KILLER STRATEGIST! 😎
I’m not kidding – the guy generated 8-figure revenue for multiple businesses with EMAILS ONLY!

With Joshua, we talk about:
– Mistakes you MUST AVOID in email marketing 🤪
– BEST Klaviyo utilization strategies
– How to build SEQUENCES that SELL 🤑
– Convert users who abandoned carts
– Number of emails you should send to your clients

The guy LITERALLY opened my eyes to the way email marketing works! I’ve tried Joshua’s strategies MYSELF, and they work already!!!
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Email Marketing Strategy For Beginners In 2020 | Shopify Dropshipping STEP BY STEP

Email Marketing Strategy For Beginners In 2020 | Shopify Dropshipping STEP BY STEP

These 2 “Simple” Emails Make Me $10K/Month | Email Marketing For Shopify Dropshipping STEP BY STEP. In This Video We Set Up Two Email Automations With ActiveCampaign & Clickfunnels.
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About this video:

Questions that I asked too often revolve around the topic of – email marketing dropshipping. How’s it done, and if it’s even possible to make money off an email list. Most people doing shopify dropshipping don’t realize that the bulk of the revenue doest come from front end sales it actually comes from emailing your list.

Email marketing with shopify is a topic that a lot of YouTubers actually don’t talk about. That’s because most of them focus on making money upfront. This video is a detailed overview of how you can use ActiveCampaign one of the best email autoresponders out there and how to integrate ActiveCampaign with Clickfunnels.

We do cover shopify email marketing strategy in this video as well, and I also give you two marketing automations that I use that have led to me generating a lot of profit! Ecommerce email marketing is an essential tool for making money online, and lots of people don’t take the time to set up these simple automations. Follow along as I set up an email automation with clickfunnels and activecampaign and implement it inside of your business.

Email marketing in 2019 is about building and maintaining a relationship with your list, not just about blasting them with offers and discounts. You want to talk to your customers in a way that makes them want to hear from you and that will lead them to buy more products from you, and choose you over your competition.


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My name is Peter Pru and I’m the creator of the Ecommerce Empire Builders. What first started as a side project and a way of sharing my eCommerce strategies with others quickly turned into an amazing movement that is impacting the lives of thousands. If you’re ready to start building your ECOMMERCE EMPIRE and refuse to settle for the status quo. You’re in the right place.

Every day we talk about Shopify, ClickFunnels, Dropshipping, Sales Funnels, Subscription Boxes & Continuity Programs, & general Mindset and Business strategies for success! Now let’s start building your EMPIRE!

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This video is about showing you These 2 “Simple” Emails Make Me $10K/Month | Email Marketing For Shopify Dropshipping STEP BY STEP


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How To Structure The Perfect Instagram Influencer Shoutout | Shopify Dropshipping

How To Structure The Perfect Instagram Influencer Shoutout | Shopify Dropshipping

In this episode, I explain on how to set up an idea Instagram Influencer Post to get the most out of your investment.

I personally started out by utilizing Instagram Influencers during the beginning of my dropshipping journey. I learned how to master influencer marketing by trial and error. See how I structure highly-converting ad copies to be used for story posts, AND feed posts; see what changes and what doesn’t. Apply these tactics, and points to your own ad copies!

(*WATCH THIS TOO) – How To Find And Be Profitable From Instagram Influencers | E-Commerce Dropshipping 2020:

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Shopify plus apps

The Shopify Plus Certified App Program

As merchants scale and grow with Shopify Plus, their needs become more complex and specific. This creates an opportunity for Shopify app developers to step up and help address those advanced needs. 

But standing out to these brands can be challenging. Plus merchants need to know that your app can handle their specific requirements, and you need a way to prove that your product can manage their complex needs. This is why we’ve introduced the Shopify Plus Certified App Program—a program for developers who provide a level of product quality that meets the advanced requirements of Shopify Plus merchants.

Let’s jump into what this means for you.

What is the Shopify Plus Certified App Program?

The Shopify Plus Certified App Program is for best-in-class technology solutions chosen for their quality and alignment with Plus merchant needs. Each app is formally reviewed by the Shopify App Review and Quality Assurance Team, to ensure it meets advanced requirements in the areas of performance, security, privacy, and support.

Apps that meet the application requirements are then added to the Shopify Plus Certified App Partner Directory and a dedicated collection within the Shopify App Store. This lets Shopify Plus merchants easily identify which apps are best suited to solving their specific needs.

Shopify plus apps: app program collection
The Shopify Plus Certified App Program collection on the Shopify App Store.

The benefits for Shopify app developers

Being a Shopify Plus Certified App Partner comes with a number of benefits for developers. In addition to being included in exclusive Shopify Plus directories, you’ll also gain access to special channels to help support you on your business journey. These include:

  • Strategic partnership managers: Every Shopify Plus Certified App Partner will be connected with a strategic partnership manager at Shopify. This person will act as your day-to-day contact and will help you identify, nurture, and realize opportunities.
  • Technical consultations: Certified app partners will gain exclusive access to our developer success team, who will share updates on our roadmap, help with technical enablements, and guide you through enhancements to our API and platform capabilities. 
  • Greater visibility: Certified app partners will be provided with an exclusive program badge to be used across their online and offline assets. These badges give partners heightened visibility to Plus merchants.
  • More referrals: Being a part of the Shopify Plus Certified App Program means that your app will be recommended more often to merchants by internal Shopify teams.

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What we’re looking for and how to apply

To apply to the Shopify Plus Certified App Program, please review the criteria and submit your application online.

This program will require that all partners provide the following:

  • Support: 24/7 access to app partner support
  • Security and privacy: Trusted and secure information and data handling
  • Performance: Advanced app performance and integration standards 

In particular, we’re looking for partners who have a record of success with Shopify Plus merchants, and who complement Shopify’s platform. Your app should introduce or enhance existing capabilities. We’re inspired by developers that focus on doing one thing very well, giving merchants new ways to start, sell, and scale together.

As an example of the kind of capabilities we’re looking for in applicants, take a look at our current certified app partners and the kind of solutions their apps provide.

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Offer the best in technology solutions

Over the coming year, we will be certifying new app partners in the most important and innovative technology categories in commerce. Designed with merchants and partners at the forefront, the Shopify Plus Certified App Program is a new approach that will continue to keep pushing the boundaries of commerce, together.

If you’re a Shopify Partner building technology solutions, join us in building for some of the biggest brands in the world.

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