Data Analyst Resume | Reviewing My Resume! | Fortune 500 Data Analyst

Data Analyst Resume | Reviewing My Resume! | Fortune 500 Data Analyst

Data Analyst Resume | Reviewing My Resume! | Fortune 500 Data Analyst // I thought it would be interesting to look back at the resume I submitted for my current job. Writing and submitting a resume can be a very tedious thing to do. Hopefully my resume can give you some tips (or things to avoid?) when you’re writing your resume!


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Udemy Courses:
Python for Data Analysis and Visualization-
Statistics for Data Science –
SQL for Data Analysts (SSMS) –
NLP – Natural Language Processing with Python –

Coursera Courses:
Database and SQL for Data Science –
Data Analysis with Python –
Data Analysis Specialization –
Tableau Data Visualization –

Favorite Books:
Python for Data Analysis Book –
SQL Beginner’s Guide to Managing and Analyzing With SQL Book –

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Reviewing Cannabis Marketing SEO Growth Hacking Tips For 2020

Reviewing Cannabis Marketing SEO Growth Hacking Tips For 2020

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How To Leverage Youtube For Cannabis Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & SEO. Skip to the front of Google search results by using certain trigger words. For example, add a verb in the present participle [ending in “-ing”] at the beginning of your video title, video file, thumbnail, description and tags.
Don’t have any videos for Youtube? Turn any of your existing blogs, press releases, slide decks, infographics and other pdf marketing collateral into videos. Post them on all other social media
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Cannabis Image SEO and search engine marketing (SEM).
If you’re uploading files with names like [IMG_0123.JPG] search engines will have no idea what is in the image. Image SEO adds additional context to your blog or website in terms of how the search engine should best index it. Image and video naming rules: no capital letters. No spaces, no underscores and no special characters.

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