How to Start an INSTAGRAM MARKETING AGENCY - Social Media Marketing Agency business

How to Start an INSTAGRAM MARKETING AGENCY – Social Media Marketing Agency business

How do you start a social media marketing agency and yes that does include using Instagram to make money and get clients

In this video, I’m going to break down the start-up cost, expenses, and profits; and on top of that we are going to go through some action steps to actually get started today. And no not in 10 hours, in 18m.

What it is: People that solve the problem for businesses that don’t have a presence online and because they miss out on traffic that converts into customers.

Overall: remember businesses care about results and results are customer and dollar signs if all you can do is get likes they will fire you.

Buzz Words: Tax-deductible, 1099 no healthcare, more customers, more money, cancel anytime

1. Start-Up Cost (all deductible)
– Can be 0 ( You’ll have to do a lot of youtube free content research )
– Can be 1k ( You can buy one course and make your life a lot easier)
– LLC & Business Name
– Contract ( Get templates online )
( my recommendation: get a course)

2. Expenses ( all deductible)
Research Expense: Its all about staying in the loop and constantly learning
Ads to build up your brand or sell your service
Employees if you want to automate
CPA (I just hired one today)
3. Profits
– 1-10k per client, depending on who they are
– Automatic and give employees 20%

Action steps
Assuming you already took a course and incorporated
If you haven’t, keep watching put know you’ll have to do a lot of research on your own

1. What do you want to do? Pick a niche, and decide how much money you want to make, know the people doing it
– Follow all the professionals that you know that are doing that niche on a hire level and follow them.
– Why? Because we are going to study them: no matter how authentic they look, most of them have a marketing strategy. ( notice gary vee tweets at the same time that companies send emails: its strategy.
– Example: gary vee, I want to start a personal branding agency where I teach people how to build it up. I would go to gary vee and see what his doing
( Pick one thing and lock in for 18months, not working then switch)

2. Creating your Branding around niche
– Im talking get a nice profile picture that’s professional and catches people attention, and relate to what you do.
– Get your bio together ( tell people what you do, credibility and who you help
– And the best strategy for this is copy and paste ( so go to the people that do it on a higher level and copy and paste and just replace it with your info “boom.”
( its for business not for posting about how much you like Starbucks)

3. Creating the Brand, posting Content, giving value
– Your goal with your Instagram is to provide value, a very good tip everyday
– For your Instagram stories, your goal is to show people another perspective. Who you are, what you do, and how you can help them
– Now you might be curious about persuasion and marketing strategies, the key is to learn from the best. ( most curses give you 30 days to return it if your not getting results then return it)
– Posting ( post every day and think about the person you’re talking to, when are they more likely to be available to watch and listing to what you have to say)

4. Then you start connecting with businesses, building a network, getting customers
– (organic) Get customers you need leads and to get leads, you need to know your niche
– Example: if my niche is restaurants, I would start contacting them, checking google maps, online, and even going personally.
– The Goal: is get your foot in the Door and provide value for them and then they’ll know your fee is worth it

5. Automate The How
– Remember you want to get the customers that’s the goal ( businesses don’t care about likes)
– OR whatever niche you picked
– The best way to get the customer is (paid ads), so you need to become an expert at advertising.
– Hyper targeting: making sure you targeting the right people
– 1099: once you learn everything, then you can teach, and truly create an agency that not just you ( you pay them 20% commission, and you get 80%)





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I wanted to see if buying fake Instagram followers is still a thing in 2020 and to see if it is even a good marketing strategy.

Buying Instagram Followers Experiment What Really Happens?

In this video we find out what happens when you buy fake instagram followers, why you probably should never do it, how people are making money with fake followers. This is a type of social media clout that people are buying! Fake followers will not engage with your posts and are usually not real people, I definitely do not recommend doing this. The instagram algorithm hates this kind of thing and you can’t really get away with it, your engagement can permanently decrease.

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Looking for web design inspiration? In this video, you’ll see 6 AWESOME UI/UX designers to follow on Instagram! This video is perfect for those who want to make UI/UX better. It includes 6 web designers to follow on Instagram. It would be great both for beginners and experienced web designers.

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❣️Web Design Inspiration 2020 – make something new

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❣️Amazing web designers to follow on Instagram

Please note that this video demonstrates design solutions that we find stunning. All the rights belong to their respective owners. We just want to show you what you can do with UI UX prototyping and how you can make your website look modern and unique. You can see how they deal with different challenges and how they various components together to create a perfect page.

This video is great when you look for web designers to follow on Instagram. You should check a designer portfolio to see what they created. It can be a perfect platform where you can find professionals designers and see what they can do. You can see how Insta designers play with different elements and how they follow trends. It’s useful to check designs to create your style.

❣️Web Design Inspiration 2020 – amaze your visitors

Please keep in mind that UI and UX designers do something different:
UI designers deal with visual elements, like the page layout, the colors used, interactive elements, etc.

UX designers work with users’ experience. They focus on how visitors use a website. They can also decide to add new elements or features

You can also save some time – consider using a template. It can be a perfect starting point. It includes has all the elements that you can customize and move around to make the page look as you want.

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Strategi Konten Instagram NEWBIE Vs. ADVANCED - Strategi Jualan Online Di Instagram

Strategi Konten Instagram NEWBIE Vs. ADVANCED – Strategi Jualan Online Di Instagram

Di video ini saya membahas apa bedanya strategi jualan online di Instagram seorang newbie (pemula) dan sudah expert (advanced)

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Inspired by : Ankur Aggarwal, Intellectual Indies, Praveen Dilliwala, Satish K Videos, Sourav Jain, Flying Start Online, DigitalPratik, Neil Patel, Ranjeet Digital Marketing Expert, Billy Wilson, Iman Gadzhi, Sandeep Maheshwari, Tai Lopez, Kevin David, Grant Cardone, GaryVee, Deepak Singh.

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Marketing on Instagram: The Winning Strategy For Maximum Results | Adam Erhart

Marketing on Instagram: The Winning Strategy For Maximum Results | Adam Erhart

Marketing on Instagram – The Winning Strategy For Maximum Results | Adam Erhart
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Instagram is EASILY one of the most popular (and potentially profitable) social media networks available to you as a business owner, entrepreneur, or digital marketer today.

And yet… as popular as Instagram is….

As profitable as Instagram can be…

Most still aren’t using the single most effective element Instagram has to offer…

So let’s fix that now.

#marketing #digitalmarketing #instagrammarketing

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Make $4,000+ with Instagram Affiliate Marketing THIS MONTH [Step-by-Step *No-Bs*]

Make $4,000+ with Instagram Affiliate Marketing THIS MONTH [Step-by-Step *No-Bs*]

Instagram and Social Media Affiliate Marketing 2020 – This is the ultimate guide, including my personal copy and paste strategies that work in 2020.

I know, a lot of people connotate Affiliate Marketing as kind of spammy and scammy and I was actually pretty hesitant to use it myself. However, after a lot trial and error, I’ve figured that Affiliate Marketing can be different – it can not only add value to your audience to boost your brand – it can also add some of those green ones to your pockets.

In this video I’ll tell you exactly how I go about affiliate marketing, especially with Instagram and youtube, I’ll show you where you can find the best offers (that almost nobody talks about), and finally I’ll show you a copy and paste strategy that you can use to boost your affiliate marketing sales on social media and instagram.

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#AffiliateMarketing #InstagramAffiliateMarketing #MakeMoneySocialMedia


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Instagram Marketing Is NOT Dead - The #1 Strategy For Clothing Brands Without A Marketing Budget

Instagram Marketing Is NOT Dead – The #1 Strategy For Clothing Brands Without A Marketing Budget

*** Show Notes ***

The Clothing Brand Marketing System:


Book A Brand Review:

Facebook Group:

QUESTION — Have a question about how to run your clothing brand? Post in comments section of this video!

About This Video:

In this video, Rob talks about how the lower engagements rates and drop in organic reach on Instagram can be used to your advantage when it comes to marketing your clothing brand. How to market your clothing brand using Instagram when organic reach has plummeted. This advice applies to t shirt brands, clothing lines, fashion brands, street wear lines, and beyond!!


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