LinkedIn Video Marketing: Business Owners Need This!!! | 2020 Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn Video Marketing: Business Owners Need This!!! | 2020 Marketing Strategy

BUSINESS OWNERS: Why aren’t you posting (MORE) on LinkedIn?

Every day I hear business owners and creatives complainining about how their content is not being seen / heard / engaged with on social media.

😒 Or they tell me “Social Media doesn’t work” or “I need a social media manager, but can’t afford it”.

❓ My answers always the same: “Are you on LinkedIn?”

Other than TikTok, LinkedIn marketing is probably the fastest growing land of opportunity for business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives.

The demand for content (i.e., users scrolling the platform) far outpaces the number of people creating valuable, engaging content on the platform and that means one thing:


🚫 No, it’s not automatic.

✅ Yes, you have to work for it.

But it’s ridiculously easy to grow your audience and begin to engage with them in a meaningful way.

In today’s video I give you some solid numbers from my own adventures to back these claims up.

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How to start a digital marketing agency from scratch

How to start a digital marketing agency from scratch

This video shows you how to start a digital marketing agency from scratch.

Here’s a walkthrough showing you how to analyze the website and online presence of a local business and showcases the types of improvements that need to be made in order to get more visibility and exposure online.

A business needs to be found in search engines and local business directory listings in order to generate traffic, leads and sales from online.

If a business does not have a web presence (or a good one), it could literally be costing that business thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars a month in lost revenue that goes to their competition.

You can become an expert in helping local businesses increase their web presence, thus generating more traffic, leads and sales, which in return justifies them paying you a monthly fee for your services.

Depending on the type of business, you can charge anywhere from $1000 up to $10,000 and more per month as long as the business is generating a return from their investment with you.

To learn more, sign up to our exclusive training program:


Source. First Published on YouTube

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Weebly SEO Tutorial 2019/2020 - Utah SEO Ninja

Weebly SEO Tutorial 2019/2020 – Utah SEO Ninja

Weebly SEO Course:

I’ve been working really hard on this and it’s almost done! If you’ve been looking for Weebly SEO training, then this is it.

My name is Triston Goodwin. I have been doing Weebly SEO since 2012! I started off working on my own website and managed to grow from a one-man show to an agency with over 600 contractors on staff. I could do that because I was able to get the right people to my website. I decided to get into SEO full-time in 2015 and, since then, I’ve generated $4.7 million dollars in leads and sales for my clients, ranging from construction and manufacturing materials to courses, and even some video games. I even helped get a guy elected. The concepts are simple once they’re understood. My job is to help you understand.

This isn’t a bunch of PowerPoint slides suggesting how to optimize your site – well, aside from the introduction videos 😀

You will watch my screen and see exactly how I optimize Weebly sites, step by step and over my shoulder. Then, you do the same thing with your website.

You really have only two options: you can buy this course and start making a difference in your life, or you can keep watching YouTube videos and throwing time and money out the window, hoping that something sticks. I think you can guess which option I recommend.

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Website –
Facebook Group –
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Utah SEO Ninja is a digital marketing company located in Northern Utah. We provide step by step marketing, business, and website tutorials. Our goal is to connect the dots between businesses and customers so that they find the products they need and want and you build your business website. Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or established business, you will find some helpful digital marketing guides here.

If you would like to work with us, please email us at [email protected] We’re in the office Monday – Friday, from 8 AM to 4 PM MST

Source. First Published on YouTube

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Build Your Clothing Brands Email List FAST: Rob's Secret Email Marketing Strategy Revealed

Build Your Clothing Brands Email List FAST: Rob's Secret Email Marketing Strategy Revealed

*** Show Notes ***

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QUESTION — Have a question about how to run your clothing brand? Post in comments section of this video!

About This Video:

In this video, Rob talks about how to grow your email list for your clothing brand, t shirt brand, streetwear brand, fashion line, etc! Rob lays out a detailed strategy for growing your email list and gaining more email subscribers. This is how to collect more emails so that you can market your clothing to them and inevitably sell more clothing. Email marketing strategies revealed!


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Pinterest For Photographers | The Hidden Social Media Marketing Tool Trailer

Pinterest For Photographers | The Hidden Social Media Marketing Tool Trailer

Pinterest is a discovery platform, made for creatives. With over 250 million monthly users, Pinterest is a popular destination that connect a wide array of active buyers and sellers together. This social media platform that could very well be your secret marketing engine this year because 90% of weekly users using Pinterest use it to make purchasing decisions. So the question remains, are you utilizing it to its full potential?

Watch the full tutorial here:

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PRO EDU celebrates the priceless knowledge of working professionals by sharing the secrets of their experiences through online tutorials in photography, filmmaking, retouching, color grading, and post-production. Our students are photographers, graphic designers, retouching artists, filmmakers, and other creative entrepreneurs who desire to apply these transformative lessons to invent (and reinvent) their own business and artistic success. All of our instructors convey their invaluable knowledge through our comprehensive online tutorials revealing the secrets of their success in business.


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Email Marketing Strategy for Beginners 2020 - Ecommerce Businesses

Email Marketing Strategy for Beginners 2020 – Ecommerce Businesses

The one sentence that changed everything. Video 2 of our training series. Your email marketing strategy will never be the same. X0X0 Renae
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