LinkedIn Ads: How-to Build a High-converting B2B Campaign

LinkedIn Ads: How-to Build a High-converting B2B Campaign

LinkedIn Ads are extremely effective drivers of B2B leads!

If you are looking to grow your business and generate high-converting leads with LinkedIn ads then you are at the right video as I will take you through the entire process of setting up and running a LinkedIn ads campaign from start to finish.

Also, In this video I will share with you simple to apply tactics to your LinkedIn campaigns that I have developed over the last few years of running campaigns with budgets in excess of $80k a month that have generated daily avg. Conversions above 18%.

Now and I am 100% confident that if you truly soak up every bit of detail that I will share with you in this video that you will be able to generate more qualified leads into your funnel, and ultimately drive more sales for your business.

Now – in return I only as that you watch this video in its entirety as I have seen businesses loose a ton of money just by selecting the one wrong setting in the LinkedIn Ads platform – and I don’t want that to be you, so please make sure you follow every step so that your first campaign is as successful as I know it can be. Also, this is LinkedIn Ads, it is not Facebook and the platform has a completely different audience that behaves differently – so the hacks you might have learned on Facebook will not necessarily carry over to this social platform.

So, let’s jump into it.

LinkedIn Ads Tutorial: (pre-campaign check list)
1.Create a LinkedIn company page
2.Add a payment method to your ad account

1. LinkedIn Ads UI Tour | 02:34
2. The Brief | 05:35
3. Campaign Building | 07:51

LinkedIn Ads for B2B Leads:
You can drive some of the highest-converting leads from your LinkedIn campaigns but it requires a marriages of great targeting, strong creative, and a well-optimized landing page.

Stay tuned for more videos, and LinkedIn ads tutorials!

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