Web Design Inspiration 2020 / Top 5 Websites That Inspired Me - February 2020

Web Design Inspiration 2020 / Top 5 Websites That Inspired Me – February 2020

When it comes to the answering the question about where the ideas come from, I always try to amass as much ideas from the designs that inspire me. These are the top 5 websites that inspired me this month.






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TVJ Midday News: Deadly Social Media Trend - February 17 2020

TVJ Midday News: Deadly Social Media Trend – February 17 2020

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Growth Hacking AEC with Tim Asimos - February 19, 2020

Growth Hacking AEC with Tim Asimos – February 19, 2020

Disruption is everywhere. Nearly every aspect of an A/E/C firm’s business has been impacted, requiring significant change to business as usual. So why is marketing often the lone exception? It doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s time to move past an antiquated view of marketing as a reactive, proposal-generating support department and instead view it as the strategic, differentiating, revenue-generating lifeline it should be. Professional services marketers long to play a larger, more strategic role in positioning their firms for new business—well beyond typical proposal and interview support.

But while marketers and forward-thinking principals understand disruption is needed, some questions persist:
What does change look like?
How do you gain buy-in from firm leadership?
What marketing strategies and tactics are other business-to-business industries using that our industry should be?
How should a modern A/E/C marketing department proactively and strategically support their firms?

Tim Asimos is a catalyst for disruptive change in A/E/C marketing, providing keen insights on modern marketing principles and an uncommon perspective gleaned from nearly 20 years of experience both inside and outside the industry. As Partner and Director of Digital & Growth at circle S studio, Tim leads the marketing agency’s development of innovative strategies in website development, content marketing, lead generation, account-based marketing and marketing technology. A national speaker and syndicated blogger, Tim’s expertise has been featured in numerous industry publications, webinars, programs and conferences around the country. Tim is a longstanding SMPS member and a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM).


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