How To Promote Clickbank Products With Email Marketing

How To Promote Clickbank Products With Email Marketing

How To Promote Clickbank Products With Email Marketing: In this video, I show you step-by-step how to promote Clickbank products with email marketing. Included in this video is product selection, landing page creation, email list creation and creating an autoresponder.

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This video is for anyone that is new to affiliate marketing, promoting Clickbank products, email marketing, and Clickfunnels
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Growth Hacking Articles

Email Marketing Strategies in 2020

Email Marketing Strategies in 2020

Having an effective email marketing strategy in 2020 is still one of the best and most effective ways to build your business, no matter the industry.

With more communication channels available to marketers than ever, many have gone away from email to chase other carrots.

I’m here to tell you today that email remains king when it comes to communicating with your audience and I’ll share my 7 tips on increasing your email open and click-through rates.

7 Tips To Increase Open and Click Rates

1. The Format
Simple, text-based emails
Short and Sweet
Personalize Body or Subject Line
A step above a Text Message

2. Tracking
Use an Email Marketing Service Provider
One Link Per Email
Don’t Overwhelm
Easier To Track
No Email Signature Links
Shoot for 30% open & 5% click

3. Consistency
Never Stop Sending Emails
Don’t Be Afraid of Unsubscribes
Daily or Weekly Schedule
A clean, small email list is OK

4. Value Is Key
Be sure to provide value in EVERY email you send
Deposits in the bank
Build trust

5. Keep It Light
Crack a joke, be snarky, but BE AUTHENTIC
One of my most responded to emails asks if the person fell and can’t get up.

6. Call To Action
ALWAYS have a single Call-to-action
Click a link to a video
New Blog Post
Reply to This Email
Send Me Your Phone Number
Set a Time on my Calendar via Calendly
Segment Your List/Tags

7. Segmentation
Keep it simple
Don’t worry about segmenting your list when just starting (Less than a 1000 contacts)
Go back later and segment your list
More effective to send less targeted emails consistently than highly targeted emails sporadically
Once you’ve been consistent emailing your list and it’s continuing to grow, then think about segmenting

When Done Right
You’ll have the opportunity to generate business on demand
You’ll have more people reaching out to you when they are ready


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