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Growth Tip #011 – Use Magento for eCommerce

Growth Tip 011 – Use Magento for  eCommerce platform, solutions and services
to help grow your business

If you run a small,medium or large Business , you might want to consider Magento for your eCommerce solutions.Why ? Here are a few reasons.

* Magento is owned by Ebay Inc.
*Magento’s market share among the 30 most popular eCommerce platforms is about 30%
*Magento is an open source content managnent system cms.
*The #1 eCommerce platform for Alexa top one million sites.
*Some Big name clients who use Magento include Gant,Nike,Samsung,mother care,Olympus and many others.

See their official website –


#Growth #Hacking Tip 004 – Sell on Amazon to reach more Buyers


#Growth #Hacking Tip 004 – Sell on Amazon to reach more Buyers..

Amazon is the world’s largest e commerce retailer, with over 237 million active user accounts .Last year there turnover was 90 billion.Now you can also reach this power house companies global audience by selling your products on amazon.Best part is you don’t have to worry about getting product info i.e images etc .It’s all in their database , so with a few clicks your done. Much less time consuming than ebay.


#Growth #Hacking Tip -003 – Use Ebay to drive more Sales.


#Growth #Hacking Tip -003 – Use Ebay to drive more Sales.

Use multiple sales channels to sell your products and create leads for your business or brand.In 2014 ebay had 152 million global active users .You really can’t afford to ignore this huge sales channel.