The Latest Research for Web Designers, March 2020

The Latest Research for Web Designers, March 2020

While it’s important to know about the latest research and surveys impacting web design, I think it’s just as important to stay informed about news that may affect your work as a designer.

As such, this roundup of the latest research for web designers includes a mix of reports along with some news and facts about something that people are talking about all around the world: the coronavirus.


A Better Lemonade Stand Analyzes the Best Remote Working Locations

With the help of Nomad List, A Better Lemonade Stand has aggregated a list of the 20 best places to work remotely.

While finding a place to live can be a very subjective matter (for instance, some people prefer colder locales or warm ones), this list takes into account factors that can have a serious impact on the work of a freelancer. For example, this is why Auckland, New Zealand ended up taking the #1 spot for remote work:

Latest Research for Web Designers - Nomad List ranking for Auckland New Zealand

The other cities to round out the top 10 are:

  • Bengaluru, India
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • Krakow, Poland
  • Lisbon, Portugal

I’d argue that it’s high scores on factors like the following that make them the best spots to work remotely from:

  • Cost
  • Internet speed
  • Free wifi in the city
  • Places to work from
  • Walkability
  • Happiness score
  • Quality of life

If you’ve been considering a move and you want it to not only be a place you love but that’s good for your business, one of these nomad-friendly spots might fit the bill.


Hubspot Gives Us a Comprehensive Look at the State of Marketing

As always, there’s almost too much information to digest in Hubspot’s annual State of Marketing report. But that’s not going to stop me from highlighting the points you can use to bring more money into your business:

Website Upgrades Needed

According to the survey, 63% of respondents are looking to upgrade their websites in 2020. If you have experience in and enjoy doing website redesigns, hop on this opportunity as soon as you can.

Maintenance Pros Wanted

Sometimes it’s not the design that needs to be tweaked. Rather your clients would benefit from a technical tune-up along with ongoing maintenance.

When asked which tactics have been the most beneficial for improving a website’s performance and search ranking, here’s what respondents had to say:

Hubspot State of Marketing - Website Fixes

You could easily create a recurring revenue stream around these maintenance tasks.

Visual-Heavy Content Marketing is a Must

Marketers use a wide variety of content in their marketing strategies:

Hubspot State of Marketing - Content Types

If you’re in the business of building websites, you should also be helping your clients create graphics for the media above. For instance, you could provide ongoing design services for:

  • Blog (and promotional social media) graphics
  • Videos or just video cover images
  • Infographics
  • Templates for case studies, ebooks, and white papers

Just because your job is primarily to build high-converting websites for clients doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be looking for other ways to serve them.


The Coronavirus’s Impact on Freelancers

With so much news about the coronavirus out there, it’s hard to know what to focus your attention. If you’re a freelancer, then these are the statistics and research you should focus on:

Conferences Around the World Are Being Cancelled

Business Insider and the LA Times rounded up lists of conferences that have been cancelled, rescheduled, or restructured because of the coronavirus:

  • Adobe Summit (it’ll be online instead)
  • Facebook’s F8
  • Facebook’s Global Marketing Summit
  • EmTech Asia
  • Shopify Developer Conference
  • Google I/O
  • Google Cloud Next ‘20 (rescheduled as an online event)

And for those of you who work with WordPress, WordCamp Asia was cancelled.

WordCamp Asia Cancelled - Coronavirus

Considering how expensive and time-consuming professional design conferences can be to attend, these cancellations might not be as big of a disappointment to the freelance community. In fact, it might bring a change to the professional conference landscape, with more of them hosted virtually so that it becomes cheaper, more practical, and now safer to attend.

Some Freelance Gigs Are Drying Up

In particular, it’s Singapore’s population of freelancers that are feeling the effects of the coronavirus, according to a report from Vice.

It makes sense. As businesses close down their offices or their operations altogether, the contract workforce who works behind the scenes for them is going to be impacted as well. This is especially problematic for those who build ecommerce and retail websites. With many products manufactured in China (31.3% of all apparel and 37.6% of textiles are manufactured there, for instance), inventories are waning and many retailers are having to wait out the virus to resume operations. 

The Singapore government recently announced plans for its 2020 budget, which included contributing SG$800 million towards curbing the effects of the virus on the country. Additional support is to be given to industries the most severely affected by it as well.

While the country’s budget doesn’t account for freelancers (as I’m sure will be the case in other countries), the freelance community itself is stepping up.

Nicholas Chee, who runs a video production company in Singapore, started a Facebook group for freelancers who’ve been dealing with lost gigs as a result of the coronavirus. It’s called SG COVID-19 Creative/Cultural Professionals & Freelancers Support Group and is giving the freelance community a way to support each other through this crisis.

Web Designers May Be Able To Help Stop The Spread of Coronavirus

It’s not just Facebook groups that are going to help freelancers get through the coronavirus crisis in one piece. According to Dr. Stephanie Evergreen, web designers might actually be able to help slow down or stop the spread of the virus itself.

In an article she wrote for Fast Company, Dr. Evergreen, a data visualization specialist, demonstrates how more eye-catching graphics can better educate the public on what’s going on and what they can do.

For instance, she shares this graphic from the World Health Organization:

World Health Organization - MERS Cases Charts

While it more effectively lays out this data than a wall of text would, it’s not going to do much to capture anyone’s attention.

It’s more important than ever for public health agencies to use data visualization to communicate with the masses, as the public is bombarded with more information each day and in need of a way for the most pressing issues to cut through the noise.

Quantifiable data, instead, should be presented like this graphic from the Florida Department of Health

Florida Department of Health - Influenza Activity map and data

It does both a good job of capturing attention and informing the public of what’s going on.

Bottom line: if your website is tasked with communicating critical data to the public, see if there’s a way you can lend your design skills to it. While a writer can clearly communicate what’s going on, graphics are more likely to grab and hold their attention.



While annual “State of” reports always tend to wind down around February/March, we still have a wealth of data coming in that not only affects your design strategy but your business strategy too.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next edition of the latest research for web designers as we’re sure to see the first quarterly reports come out for design, marketing, SEO, and more.

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Interactive Marketi ng Statistics

  • 88% of marketers say interactive content differentiates them from their competitors (Business2Community)
  • 93% said interactive content is somewhat or very effective at educating the buyer, versus just 70% for static content
  • 79% of marketers agree interactive content has reusable value, resulting in repeat visitors and multiple exposures (Business2Community)
  • 75% of respondents said that Interactive Games were most effective when used for content marketing as the Early Stage (Awareness/Discovery) of consumer journey (Content Marketing Institute Research]
  • 79% agree that interactive content enhances the reputation of a brand’s message, while 79% think this content leads to repeat visitors and greater online exposure.
  • Interactive content generates 4-5x more pageviews than static content (LinkedIn)

Boost Your Marketing with Highly Branded Interactive HTML5 Content. Beautiful Engaging Experiences Without Developers.

When you’re part of a larger corporation, personality can get a little lost in shareholder reports and sales forecasts. It can get a little, well, corporate. Sometimes it’s worth putting aside industry norms and doing something to make you stand out. Sharing game can add a bit of fun to the brand persona and make your audience smile. Not that smaller organisations or brands can’t benefit in the same way.

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Let’s Recap:
The interactive content statistics shown above have taught us:

Branded Interactive HTML5 content…

  • Helps increase conversions
  • Differentiates your content marketing
  • Increases engagement
  • Captures reader attention
  • Educates readers more effectively
  • Gaining traction amongst marketers
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Content Marketing Tools

8 AMAZING Content Marketing Tools

8 AMAZING Content Marketing Tools

The content marketing tools that are excellent are:-

1. Outbrain or Taboola

If you can get them to accept you these networks or Content Marketing Tools can be very lucrative. Some people have very educational and remarkable content. But they are struggling with distribution and writing. Those two problems make it problematic for content marketers to obtain the specified effect due to their efforts. In case you fall because of class, allow Outbrain to help you out.
This program can help you increase your crowd size for any content including websites, videos, and infographics.
Through the use of Taboola, your content may achieve a greater number of views that you couldn’t usually get. Bear in mind they are very fussy on whom they accept to their network.

2. Mailchimp

If you have a service or an excellent product, you need to get it across to the maximum amount of your market. If your readers are not in one single place, this can be demanding.

Imagine if you have some global clients? How can they be notified by you of current services or products? Which Content Marketing Tools expand your reach easily? Email tools!
One of the simplest approaches to reach your market is via email.

Mailchimp is an email platform. It makes it insanely simple to send a single concept to a large number of people. The rate and efficiency of Mailchimp in sending such communications causes it to be a necessity for any marketer. This amazing list-building software offers the opportunity track tendencies of your buyers to create e-mail lists, and send email campaigns to them.

Send a feed directly out of your blog into Mailchimp if you’d like to submit your blog articles to your mailing list quickly. Rest assured that people on your subscriber list will always get information that was updated on your website. There are also tons of automations for Mailchimp that will plugin to other tools and platforms. WordPress for example being one and this automates publishing.


Develop and discuss aesthetic ideas online.
Employing infographics is an excellent strategy to raise the performance of your material.
You will accomplish greater than exactly what a thousand words may do with infographics since there is no better way to share information.
You can make a selection from the 1000s of layouts designed for use using a drag-and-drop capacity to submit the chosen design together with your write-up.

If you feel you have a much better design, you put it to use to construct infographics that are awesome!

Content Marketing Tools

4. MixPanel

You may be gathering some useful data while promoting your articles. Consequently analysing your web visitors behaviour more granularly, you can uncover insights not previously available in standard data tools like Google Analytics. One of the most robust answers for client statistics is MixPanel.

It has some outstanding characteristics for example funnel reports, retention examination, and consumer segmentation.

Apart from these features, you may also utilize MixPanel Into A/B split build surveys, deliver customized messages to your readers, and test your apps.

One of the best features is push-marketing to your users to drive engagement. Therefore, we consider this a retention Content Marketing Tools as much as marketing.

5. Atomic Reach

Do you want your articles to have an influence on your web visitors? Obviously, you need to. All of us do. But sometimes, we find it too difficult to calculate or predict the likely upshot of our writing in order before posting, to connect the dots.
By getting some critical indicators under consideration, your website articles will be analyzed by Atomic Reach. It’ll provide you with feedback centered on 20 elements about its potential effect on your audience after examining your articles.

A little tweaking via the integrated editor can increase the effect of the content on the target market. That way, your visitors will be assured to receive useful information without risking sending to them useless information.
You also have the opportunity of targeting a specific audience by choosing the right selection from an expert academic, or guru. After generating the choice, the software can notify you about the information on your audience’s appropriateness.
6. HubSpot

HubSpot is filled up with features that are enough to acquire all of your objectives. Furthermore their customer care is great. Hubspot has different beneficial programs for making blog posts, useful landing pages, and also other advertising strategies.

HubSpot includes social media analytics and capabilities for editorial planning.
Such social networking promptness can have a positive impact on your company as your customers can appreciate getting up-to-date information from you regularly. As Content Marketing Tools come this one is a heavyweight.

7. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is awesome as it pertains to content statistics and you can uncover trends in content consumption that will help create your editorial plan. Its great at determining which of competitors’ content is  currently doing nicely in terms of engagement, shares, likes etc. It gives you probably the most trending information on the web that suits your keywords, a listing of the very best ranking influencers, the very best social entrepreneurs, and more.

Content Marketing Tools

Buzzsumo helps you find trending content, influencers and more

Having this insight is like a gold mine.
Luckily, five searches you make on the software are free. That’s a great chance to test BuzzSumo’s effectiveness. How to use Buzzsumo Video .

8. Canva

Excellent pictures are known to have a lasting influence on viewers. Social posts with images are proven to drive more engagement. That’s why information marketers are determined to generate good photographs for his or her blogs.

Canva is the best choice for you personally if you require an alternative tool to revise your pictures or create new ones. It has all the factors that’ll create image editing trendy and straightforward and is free. Canva’s tag line is “Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software”. It truly is one of the best and easiest to use, with 100s of template for every possible type of digital asset from basic social media images to e-books to much, much more. It will save you time and money.

Content Marketing Tools

Canva Content Marketing Tools can do more than just images

You’ll find functions for retouching photographs, making crisp images, and building composite images. Using Canva, your blog posts change to more audience engagement and success for you and may well be more attractive to your customers.


Most Used Content Marketing Tactics

image stats content

study this graphic to find the best tactics for content marketing.

The above Graphic gives a good insight to what content marketing tactics you should be using for best ROI .Blogging and Social media get you the furthest reach by far. Case Studies ,Press Releases Newsletters & Videos are also very powerful ways of reaching out to your target audience.Mobile content ,Print Magazine & Mobile Branded Apps are some of the less effective formats for content marketing.