LinkedIn Content Strategy 2020 - Use my secret posting tactics to attract prospects on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Content Strategy 2020 – Use my secret posting tactics to attract prospects on LinkedIn

LinkedIn CONTENT MARKETING Strategy for LinkedIn 2020

The key to finding the right clients on LinkedIn is to draw the right audience through your content. Today, I’m going to go over my favorite content marketing strategies, specifically what to post on LinkedIn for 2020 that will help you attract high paying clients that are targeted to your service industry. If you post these 3 types of content on LinkedIn, you will draw the audience that you want to work with. My key strategies and tips for creating post on LinkedIn will help you position yourself as the expert and ultimately start converting at a higher rate. So let’s get started!

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Welcome to the Girl in Momentum Show, I’m Adora, a full-time entrepreneur, and marketing consultant. I run an online marketing and coaching business where I teach entrepreneurs how to stand out online, create unique strategies for individual success and grow in their personal lives. My experience includes working with companies like Staples and Bank of New York on Wall Street all the way to local businesses. My goal is to help entrepreneurs feel inspired to take action and live the life of freedom and prosperity they desire. Here we will discuss different techniques, set goals for our business, and talk with several businesswomen about their journey. So let’s keep up the momentum together!



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The BEST Social Media Content Marketing Strategy in 2020

The BEST Social Media Content Marketing Strategy in 2020

#1 Social Media Content Marketing Strategy in 2020 for FREE (TIPS). Let me break down content marketing 101 and share with you the best content marketing strategy that people like Gary Vee use, and learn how to stand out on social media in 2020.

In this video, I share with you the following:
– Content marketing strategy / content marketing tips in 2020
– How to repurpose your content / what is content repurposing
– Social media content strategy and tips in 2020
– How to build your personal brand
– How to use pillar content and turn it into micro content

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Mike Sherrard is the founder of an industry leading content marketing, personal branding, content repurposing and social media marketing agency that helps Entrepreneurs and Realtors explode their personal brand and business with creative strategies.

Mike was also a top Realtor / top producing real estate agent in Calgary, Alberta with Redline Real Estate Group, who specializes in luxury real estate and innovative real estate marketing strategies and helps Real Estate Agents generate online leads using Facebook Marketing strategies paired with ManyChat automation, as well as help agents build their personal brand and become top of mind.

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