How To Make Money With A Digital Marketing Agency, As A Marketing Consultant... Q&A With Tim Conley

How To Make Money With A Digital Marketing Agency, As A Marketing Consultant… Q&A With Tim Conley

This interview answers the biggest questions about starting a consulting business or agency with the million dollar consultant coach, Tim Conley. Timestamps to all the questions answered below!

“Where to find agencies or quality workers to outsource work to?” – 1:45

“What approach is best to grow a multi-million dollar per year agency compared to a $300,000 per year agency…? Should I be doing the work in-house or whitelabel agency’s work?” – 4:32

“Is it possible to be an affiliate for an agency and just do the sales, pass off the client, collect cash and go back to prospecting?” – 6:30

“What should my average day look like as a bootstrapped agency entrepreneur? …What should I spend my time doing?” – 10:04

“There is no shortcut to growing an agency!” – 13:27

“How do you block out your day to create success?” – 14:54

“What are the first steps to get your first clients in a consulting business if you just moved to a new town or have no network?” – 18:55

“What do I do if there are no networking events or marketing meetups in my area?” – 22:54

“How can I build AUTHORITY fast?” (This is GOLD!) – 24:33

“What is the number one challenge that you see start of agencies have and how to overcome it?” – 29:30

“If I’m completely new and don’t have testimonials or case studies, what can I do to gain authority as a digital marketing consultant who can help?” *Be sure to watch the ‘Amplify the meetup trick section above, too!* – 34:52

“Should I focus in on a specific niche or be a general marketing consultant?” – 37:55

“Is it possible to start a digital marketing agency for lower value passion niches like art or music?” – 46:53

“My clients continue to churn out and quit on me, how do I structure my consulting or agency deliverables in a way to minimize churn and maximize long term profits?” – 51:32

“Step-by-step, how do I do the consultation? What are the exact components in a client’s business that I audit or consult on with new clients?” – 56:19

“What is the difference between being an AUTHORITY and an EXPERT? …And why does it matter? – 58:43

“Is the market too saturated with digital agencies?” 1:03:40

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Now, in this video we did a deep dive video on how to start a digital marketing agency on a previous video you can watch here:

This video goes deep into the differences between being a consultant and running a consultancy compared to running a marketing agency.

He shares the power of leveraging a hybrid approach to minimize client churn and to maximize revenue.

The importance of domain knowledge was covered yet again, which was the big idea from our first video link’d to above… If you are totally new to running an agency that is a must watch!

We moved beyond those ideas to the importance of affinity which is what so many agency owners and new consultants ignore.

Ignoring the ideas of affinity in your agency or consulting business can set your future self up for a lot of disappointment int he future, so you must be mindful of this key component.

Tim Conley also commented on his take from the consulting gurus whoso big courses in the world of “start your own agency” such as the Sam Ovens or Tai Lopez SMMA courses…

He explains the #1 pitfall from these courses that keep you broke and struggling to grow plus how you can avoid the consulting guru trap.

In fact, he actually did a full video on the idea of “Should you follow a marketing agency or consulting guru?” here:

Whether you take the advice from this video and our previous videos or you go through a consulting course like a social media marketing agency course there is one component that simply learning through study can never offer you.

This is actually the key to everything and it cannot be taught through videos, PDFs, or audio files.

Tim addresses the question “is the market to saturated with digital agencies?” because with the proliferation of gurus selling how to be a consultant and how to start an agency courses it does change the landscape…

There is more noise now for a consultant starting agency than ever before.

But this should not be a downer because this also creates more opportunity in a very specific area as a result of this additional noise.

In pure fashion, Tim went all in on these answers giving brilliant advice that stems from over 20 years as a successful consultant.

Tim has helped businesses scale from the 10K per month mark to millions of dollars per year in revenue so his opinion on what it takes to grow a successful marketing consulting business is worthy of consideration.

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A Day in My Life as a Consultant | Marketing Consulting 101 Ep.5

A Day in My Life as a Consultant | Marketing Consulting 101 Ep.5

I made the transition from employee to entrepreneur at 40 years old and became a marketing consultant. This is a day in my life as a consultant and how I grew my consulting into an agency.

Out and about as a Baby Boomer who is still learning, experiencing new things in business and life, and thrilled to share this with you all! Thanks for watching! Please take a moment to LIKE this video, SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and ASK any questions in the comments! 🙂

#consultant #entrepreneurship #womeninbusiness


“Bowling” by David Cutter




Stephanie founded FG Creative in 2002, bringing decades of valuable experience to the company as a media buyer, marketing director for major Southern California shopping centers, and consultant to prominent casinos, to mention a few. With marketing practically encoded in her DNA, and having achieved the level of Certified Marketing Director through ICSC, she thrives on generating new ideas and solutions, and mentoring her team to do the same. Stephanie loves to push traditional boundaries to ensure FGC clients are getting maximum results for their marketing dollars. Her entrepreneurial spirit is reflected throughout every facet of the company and has been instrumental in making FG Creative one of the premier marketing firms in the region today. When not founding companies or working with charities, attending fabulous client events, or shopping on El Paseo (to add to her extensive shoe collection), Stephanie loves riding her horses and spending time with her husband and their (many) beloved fur-babies.

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How To Start A Consulting Business From Scratch

How To Start A Consulting Business From Scratch

✅ Get FREE, actionable advice from legitimate founders on starting and growing ANY Business

✅ Foundr is a media and education company that produces content for entrepreneurs, and interviews world-class founders like Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Mark Cuban, Jack Dorsey and many more for its magazine, podcast, and online courses.

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Digital Marketing Consulting | How to Sell Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Consulting | How to Sell Digital Marketing Services

How to describe and deliver your digital marketing services. Get access to the training here –

Congratulations. Today is the day that you forever change how you describe and deliver your digital marketing services. Stay tuned.

Today, I want to talk about how you package your services so you can describe them better and deliver them better. Here’s what most digital marketing agencies do. They ask the client, “Client, what do you want us to make? Do you want a new website?” The client says, “Sure. We want a new website.” You dig into your batch of digital marketing services, and you pull out the big, long list of possibilities: SEO, SEM, logo creation, digital marketing this, digital marketing that, PPC, CPM, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Right?

You describe all these different opportunities that your client could use in better setting up their digital marketing presence. Your client’s eyes rolls to the back of their head. You totally lose them. Even if they decide to buy and become a client, they’re not quite sure what they purchased and then they ask you 100 more questions, 40 more followup meetings and the project gets bigger and bigger and bigger and less and less interesting for you.

t’s a broken model. I have no idea how we got into functioning that way, but I know that’s how it works for most people like you, so let’s shift that for forever and let’s think about it a totally different way. Here’s an analogy. Your client is trying to get from point A to point B. Your client is trying to travel from point A to point B. When they consider traveling, there’s three ways to travel. You can drive. You can walk or you can fly. Now, when you walk, that’s the slowest option. Right? That’s a matter of months to get over a long distance. If you drive, that’s a matter of days or a matter of weeks to travel a long distance.

When you fly, you can get there faster. That’s a matter of hours. Now, you and I both know that flying is the premium option. You know it costs more for that. If want it done and you want it done right now, flying is the only option. What I’m saying to you is that you should present your services like you are the flight option, and you should show your clients the flight path to get to where they want to go.

Now, there is some communication that happens while we’re on the plane. I bet you’ve experienced that happen while we’re on the plane. The vast majority of the plane is already built. The promise that the airline makes you is that if you’ll do your job and get on the plane, we’ll take you exactly where you want to be. Your services should be designed the exact same way. Let’s think about how that might be applied.

If you’re doing digital marketing services, there are certain things that your best client needs to already have in place. Right? They need to have an existing web presence if that’s important. They need to already have a target client. They need to already have metrics that matter to them. These are things that should already be in place. You got to be clear with your client what should already be in place. If they’ll get those things in order, then you can invite them onto the plane where things are already setup. There’s already a captain to fly the plane. There are already flight attendants. There’s already a seat waiting for them. They can jump on that plane. They can experience the process. You go through that process with them. When they get to step number five, they are exactly where they wanted to be. Right? Whether that’s more views, more likes, more shares, more revenue, more clients, whatever that number is for them that’s important to them, that’s exactly where they wanted to be.

The [role 00:05:08] for you is are your services designed this way? Do you challenge your clients to get their act together before you start working? Do you make it clear to your clients that there is a prebuilt process designed to get them where they want to go that is already staffed and waiting for them? Do your clients already understand that there’s a elegant way that you take them through the process that is easy and enjoyable for them to receive? Have you made it clear that by the time they get to step number five they are exactly where they wanted to be? Your services should not only be described this way, they should be designed this way so that when you make this promise, your team and yourself are already prepared to facilitate this for them. If you’re not here, that’s why you’re having trouble selling your services. I’ll see you in the next video.

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Content Marketing In 2020 - Data You Need To Know | Tulsa SEO | Local SEO Consulting

Content Marketing In 2020 – Data You Need To Know | Tulsa SEO | Local SEO Consulting

What is your Content Marketing Strategy for 2020 | Content Marketing For Small Business | Tulsa SEO | Tulsa Marketing | Local SEO Consulting

Small business marketing is complex. You need to make sure you are visible in all these areas if you are going to win in 2020!

Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective every day; as a forward-thinking business owner, you know there has to be a better way.

Content marketing in 2020 is difficult, but here’s some data you need to know be be successful in 2020. Good content marketing is the difference between marketing that converts and the other informational garbage you get from businesses trying to sell you “stuff.” Companies send us information all the time – it’s just that most of the time it’s not very relevant or valuable or even readable (can you say spam?). That’s what makes content marketing so intriguing in today’s environment of thousands of marketing messages per person per day.

What if your customers looked forward to receiving your marketing? What if when they received it, via print, email, website, they spent 15, 30, 45 minutes with it? What if they anticipated it and shared it with their peers?

This is the kind of content marketing pieces that Nozak Consulting strives to make for our clients. We want to help you build a business not just make a quick sale. We’re in it with you for the long haul, and our content marketing strategy reflects this.


#marketingforsmallbusiness #getfoundonline #contentmarketing

About Nozak Consulting
Nozak Consulting was created out of William Nozak’s constant goal of learning new ways to grow his businesses. This led him down a path of in-depth learning about SEO and Web Development.

Already having an MBA from Oral Roberts University, and running multiple successful business ventures, William had actively been using social media to expand his businesses and had begun teaching other business owners how they could use the internet to expand their business, even if it was only serving the local market.

William started creating websites for fellow business owners right here in Tulsa, and providing monthly SEO services all while starting to see amazing results. After major success with Tulsa SEO and Tulsa Web Design, Nozak Consulting has added a variety of services to become your one-stop-shop for marketing services.

Nozak Consulting combines multiple specialized marketing approaches to build a marketing strategy for your business that’s focused on your customers and their needs. Our research based approach gives you all of the information you need to position your organization for success.

We know that marketing for your business is best done by an agency that is successful with locals seo marketing, understands how local buyers engage products/services, and has time to learn about new buyer segments that can grow your business.

Historically and consistently, our insights lead to higher conversions and better MVP marketing solutions.

Did you know that our team is made up of business owners? The entire team at Nozak Consulting understands what it means to run a business because we’ve done it ourselves.


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