Benefits of an Internet Marketing Consultant

Benefits of an Internet Marketing Consultant

An internet marketing consultant handles the web presence and online advertising for companies to increase traffic, gain followers and promote conversions. They have specific goals and objectives to attain, and work with the marketing team or manager to set those goals. They use a number of marketing tactics such as PPC campaigns, email campaigns, SEO strategies for optimization and evaluating the analytics.

A marketing consultant or internet marketing consultant is not an employee of the company. They are independent contractors, or an organisation hired by the company to conduct the work in their own space unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.

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Mobile Marketing | Benefits Of Mobile Marketing | Ideas For Business Growth

Mobile Marketing | Benefits Of Mobile Marketing | Ideas For Business Growth

Mobile Marketing and its benefits for your Business growth

Mobile Marketing is a multi-channel, Digital Marketing strategy aimed at reaching a target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices, via websites, email, SMS and MMS, social media, and apps.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

1. Immediacy

Mobile campaigns are easy to create and execute. Messages are delivered to recipients within seconds.

2. Affordability

No need to pay for postage, printing or air time, just a nominal per text message fee. Prices are very modest and they decrease as volume increases.

3. Response Rate/Effectiveness

The average response rate is approximately 15%, versus 2 – 3% for other advertising mediums such as direct mail.

4. Interactivity

Provides the ability to reach customers ‘on-the-go’ and create a highly effective two-way communication

5. Personal /Targeted

Content is targeted to individuals who have opted to receive them. The medium provides the ability to customize the brand message to a diversified audience.


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Benefits of GPS Tracking for Enterprise Vehicle Fleets

Benefits of GPS Tracking for Enterprise Vehicle Fleets

GPS technology has been a groundbreaking development for industries worldwide. The tracking systems and fleet management solutions that use location-based technologies such as GPS and telematics have reshaped the way enterprises operate.

The founding principle behind the creation of these systems is to measure and manage every detail of complex business operations and increase the efficiency of vehicle fleets.

Each step of fleet operations can be monitored and the data stored. Managers can then analyze the GPS and telematics data of their vehicles to enhance decision-making process.

When companies are dealing with potentially hundreds of vehicles in the field, scattered through a large area, information flow is key. GPS tracking systems offer fleet managers tools that can greatly boost efficiency while reducing operational costs.

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Implementing a Cashless Society

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Implementing a Cashless Society

RFID) technology. So basically, a chip that produces radio waves is planted inside the card. Then, an antenna is built to ensure a connection with a reader.  

To make a payment, all you have to do is to place the card near a cashless terminal. The terminal will then pick up the radio signal from the chip and transmit the data from the card to a card processing network like Master Card or Visa. The network then proceeds to do a fraud analysis. If it’s clear, a confirmation will be sent to the card issuer.

The card issuer then will confirm whether the card is stolen or not and whether it has sufficient funds. If all is clear, the card issuer will send a signal to the terminal to carry on the transaction. Your payment is approved and all of this process is done in just 2-3 seconds. 

It works a little bit differently though if you use a smartphone or any other electronic device. Mobile phones use near-field communication (NFC) technology to conduct a cashless payment. NFC itself is a branch in the RFID technology family. Other than that, it works exactly the same.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Cashless Society

Like any other thing in life, creating a society where cash doesn’t exist sparks debates among citizens and policy-makers. Some people believe that it’s the right step towards the future and some people are against the idea. 

Before we jump into any conclusion, let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of a cashless society first.

The Benefits

  • Say goodbye to long queues. In a cashless society, people just need to wave or tap their card or smart phone when buying something, speeding up the transaction process significantly.  

  • For business owners, the cashless payment system means no more missing coins, miscalculations, and money stolen by the employee. All payment goes straight to their bank account, making it easier to monitor their cash flow.
  • In a cashless society, crime rates will go down. Crimes like pickpocketing will no longer exist because people don’t carry around cash anymore. Sherman Powell, a career pickpocket, claims he made around $5,000 (equals to $12,000 today) a month in the 1980s. But his income dwindled in the 2000s because people carried less money.

  • It will be easier for the police and government to track money laundering and crime syndicate activities. With no cash around, cartels couldn’t pay for their drugs with a briefcase full of cash anymore. They have to transfer the money, making them more likely to get caught in the act.

  • For people who travel abroad a lot, a cashless society will surely help them a lot in exchanging currency. It means no more going to the local bank and waiting in line, every exchange will be done digitally.  

The Drawbacks

  • People will lose track of their spending easily. When we pay with cash, we can physically count the money we have. That’s not the case with cashless payment. The convenience of using the system might backfire and cause people to overspend.

  • Not everyone has access to a bank account. Around 1.7 billion people around the world remain unbanked, although the reasons vary. Some people just can’t afford it, some live in areas without a bank, and some just prefer to keep their cash in their pocket (usually the older generation).

  • Technology will never be perfect. In a cashless society, people will be under constant threat of system failure, hackers, data selling, and other security issues. When a system breakdown occurs, the economy will completely stop. People can’t make payments and merchants can’t receive it. 

Wrap Up

Although a cashless society offers a lot of benefits that make people’s life easier, the drawbacks are still hard to overcome. What we can do is to maintain the current system where people have multiple options to make payments, from cash, cards, smartphones, and even stickers and faces. 

Want to find out more about cashless payment? Check out this infographic the folks at Milkwhale whipped up.

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