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We were engaged by Klinik Healthcare Solutions for a lead generation campaign. The campaigns will use multiple automations and be disseminated by Social Media and Email.

Email campaigns will be executed via Hubspot.

Executed Google Ads Search and YouTube campaigns plus LinkedIn and Twitter with custom audience lists.

Connected Search Console and Analytics accounts so we could get more keyword intelligence

Launched their first ever YouTube campaign, configured conversion tracking, increased keywords and ad groups. YouTube targeted their competitions visitors

Setup Drip and Nurture automated behaviour based email workflow to their database, created and designed all emails for the flow, produced landing pages.

Setup automated social media workflows on Twitter and LinkedIn

From Linkedin and Social Media we will generate at least a guaranteed 25,550 ‘cold’ leads per calendar year. More information on the LinkedIn Lead Gen Automation campaign can be found here

Klinik Healthcare’s team consists of doctors, designers and engineers who share a common vision of making appropriate healthcare accessible to all.

Drawing vast knowledge through operations with leading healthcare organisations and nations, they possess industry leading expertise on how patient pathways should be arranged in order to deliver high quality care and cost-effective processes. Solutions include AI based triage systems and Klinik AI was created to automate healthcare processes all the way from screening, to cataloguing symptoms, and directing patients to an appropriate clinical pathway. Klinik provides state-of-the-art, intelligent digital solutions, rendering traditional approaches obsolete.

The clinically proven Klinik AI integrates numerous medical databases with real medical cases and studies to make it unique and highly accurate.


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