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High-performance online businesses focus more than ever on customer centricity to stay “ahead of the game”. Leaders translate their Crm Strategy and customer centricity along three dimensions.

1. “Who are our customers?” i.e ” Knowing the Customer”, Exploit internal and external data in order to achieve a fact-based understanding of customers and their environment and translate it into profitable decisions. customer-centricity-3-dimensions

2. “How do we attract our customers?” i.e ” Reaching the Customer” Define & operationalize strategies and develop differentiated solutions to attract the targeted customers adequately and engage them in a dialogue.

3. “How do we interact with our customers? i.e ” Delivering the Customer Experience”

customer-centricity-3-dimensions crm strategy


Provide consistent & highly relevant personalised customer experiences via all touch points to keep the brand promise and to create trust and loyalty. How does this translate in the context of growth hacking and digital marketing and ultimately common business objectives?

How do business objectives manifest in a typical CRM funnel of Awareness-Evaluation-Purchase-Out of Box-Onboarding-Advocacy-Renewal? CRM business objectives manifestation e-CRM has opened up many new opportunities in how we can manage the relationship with the customer. New digital segments and behaviours that could be served more personalised  content e.g. ipad visitors using chrome are emerging on a daily basis in addition to new tactics like cookie based targeting.crm lifecycle wheel

Consumers are completely anonymous, semi-known or known but defining the consumer journey and messaging calendar for each segment, at each stage of the journey and exact tactics across the life cycle is something we can help you with. Whilst CRM as a principle is the same everywhere, CRM execution will differ from company to company. Ultimately our goal with your CRM strategy and programme is to improve and increase your consumer’s lifetime value and ensure their retention. Our consultants are very experienced in executing CRM campaigns via email marketing but also using SMS techniques.

CRM business objectives manifestation crm strategy

We are also big advocates of marketing automation and hence CRM automation. We have worked with a range of marketing automation suites like Marketo, Pardot, SalesManago, Hubspot, Intercom, SharpSpring,  Autopilot and many more.


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