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Norn, the AI system leading the way to artificial general intelligence

Artificial general intelligence, brainchild of a leading Microsoft developer which shows ability to address “big picture” problems has chosen the Netherlands as home THE HAGUE – Monday 5 December 2022, 07:00 CET – Norn, AGI Laboratory’s ground-breaking artificial intelligence system which thinks like a human, has set up operations in the Hague. Frits Israel, the […]

AGI Laboratory launches global first new artificial intelligence system that THINKS and FEELS like a human

World’s first artificial general intelligence core system is created – and the artificial intelligence makes decisions based on emotions    “Norn”, the brainchild of a former leading Microsoft developer, “feels” like a human, can help organizations dramatically reduce carbon footprint, and is integrated with software previously used for hunting terrorists     SEATTLE/WYOMING/THE HAGUE – Friday October 7, 2022, […]

Tips to Use Chatbots for Omnichannel Customer Engagement Strategy

The current market for Chatbots is as much about customer service as it is about prices and products. Most consumers now agree that the experience itself is at least as relevant as more traditional elements of sales. If you want to compete in eCommerce, you’ll need to leverage omnichannel marketing to facilitate convenient engagement across […]

How to Growth Hack

How to Growth Hack: Identify Your Goals How to growth hack and Growth hacking is a concept that has become increasingly popular in the digital marketing space. It has been used by companies such as Uber, Airbnb and Dropbox to identify opportunities for rapid growth and capitalize on them. Growth hacking is an approach focused […]

Top 7 Content Marketing Tips Every Start-ups Needs To Follow

One of the most important and effective strategies for search engine optimization is content marketing. Without a potential content marketing technique, there is no chance that you will achieve the results you expect. Many entrepreneurs fail to boost their business digitally because their poor content marketing strategies are not sufficient to increase their sales. Content […]

Growth Marketing through Hyper Personalization

Subscribe to Modern Marketing Engine on your app of choice. Growth marketing is about increasing pipeline so the sales organization can be more successful, faster. My guest on this episode of the podcast approaches growth marketing through hyper-personalization. What is that? Imagine yourself driving down the highway and two billboards appear along the road. One […] for Marketing teams for Marketing, an intuitive and inclusive Work OS connects Marketing execs to the data that matters, and marketing teams to the entire organization— making work move faster and impact easy to measure. From chasing one-off tasks to building scalable and impact-driven business growth Different marketing teams have different workflows, but is flexible to […]

Best Lead Generation Software Tools to Automate Marketing Campaigns

Zopto is one of the Best Lead Generation Software Tools and most popular portals for outbound LinkedIn lead creation and a solution that we at GrowthHakka love. On autopilot, Zopto uses LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator to bring in a qualified audience. Given the ever-increasing demand for marketing and advertising ROI, it’s no surprise that […]

How manipulative third-party data can be? Ad campaign from Cheetah Digital

A new ad campaign from Cheetah Digital – which stars Jerry Seinfeld’s age-old nemesis… Newman. The campaign is designed to highlight how manipulative third-party data can be, and what’s really going on behind the scenes when consumer data is captured and tracked online. Starring Wayne Knight (known not only from Seinfeld but also for roles in Jurassic Park, […]

Data Science Certificate vs Bootcamp vs Masters Degree

In this video I compare the benefits of pursuing a data science certificate versus a bootcamp or masters degree. These all can be reasonable options depending on your personal situation. Watch this video to see which one may be right for you Data Science Certificate – Positives (Inexpensive, low time commitment, can help you build […]

How to prepare for a Data Analyst Interview [2020]

5 Things to prepare before a Data Analyst interview: In this video, we will go through the 5 things you need to prepare before a data analyst interview. Data analyst interview questions and answers & more. 1 – Research the Company & the Role The first thing you should do, is simply go to the […]

Web Analytics SEO Course

Web Analytics SEO Course by Academy Europe Web Analytics is a technique that you can employ to collect, measure, report, and analyze your website data. It is normally carried out to analyze the performance of a website and optimize its web usage. Web Analytics is an indispensable technique for all those people who run […]

How to track Website Visitors in PHP | Website Analytics System

In this video I will explain you how to track website visitors in PHP. In this video I will show you how to track visitor browser name, browser version, visitor page link, referer page etc. Learn PHP Online with Me:- To help and support me(Donate Me):- Link to download source code:- #PHP […]

20+ Must Have Web Design Resources for Your WordPress Website Projects for 2020!

Must Have Web Design Resources In this video, I’ll show you all the tools and resources I use to create my WordPress website. I’ll also show you how I use it too, so you can implement it to design and build a better website. ➤ Resources mentioned below (Click “SHOW MORE”) Design 1. Collect UI […]

Web Design Trends 2020 | Website design 2020 Predictions (plus examples)

In this video, I am exploring what are expected from 2020 when it comes to website design and development. If you are a new or established web designer, developer or ui designer and want to keep up with the websites that are successful. I have put together 5 web design predictions I expect to see […]

VBA UI UX-1: Build UI using Excel UserForm, Fields with watermark, transparent icons & Buttons

Subscribe & Support: Questions/feedback – comment / [email protected] For free download first Subscribe, hit Like, and Comment! 🙂 Project / Source Code: ——————————————————————– WHAT TO WATCH NEXT ——————————————————————– * * * VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office) * * * Office Add-ins Platform * * * Professional UI/UX * * […]

Live UI/UX Design Reviews – The Negative Space

– Submit your work for review: #feedback (NOTE: To combat spam, we have a new system where you must self-assign a role in #news) Superchats will get priority for the portfolio review and I will attempt to spend more time on them. So, join that discord link and just post ONCE your portfolio URL. […]

Web Design Inspiration 2020

Business Insights – Mario Bekes Interview – Radio Alive 90.5 Web Design Inspiration 2020 – With COVID19 causing stress to many business owners, Mario and I discuss how going through chemotherapy has prepared me mentally for dealing with crisis such as what we are facing right now. The lessons I learnt during my cancer […]

Graphic Design Trends 2020

🎁 FIRST MONTH FREE! Sign up to Envato Elements today: *Applies to the individual monthly plan and only valid for new customers. Coupon automatically applied at the checkout. Want to know what graphic design trends to look out for in 2020? In this trend roundup, we profile 10 trends for this year. Take a […]

The Ultimate ECOMMERCE Sales Funnel (Hacking The Growth Curve)

🔥 🚀 Coaches, Consultants And Service Businesses 🔥 🚀 FREE Training Reveals: The 5-step ‘selling system’ we use to flood businesses with 50+ high-value clients in 42-days or less. 👉 Check out the FREE training here: ✅ ==== Sabri dropping bombs on how to crush it in the cut-throat arena of ecommerce when you’re […]

E-Commerce Email Marketing Strategies 2019 | Top 3 Tips For Black Friday & Increasing Sales

With Black Friday around the corner, e-commerce business are planning their promotions strategy. And, a HUGE part of this is EMAIL MARKETING. Email marketing is the digital marketing channel that generates the highest Return on Investment (ROI). This video breaks down my top 3 tips on how to maximize your email campaigns to generate higher […]

Seamless Search – Holistic Search Engine Marketing Solution

Should you pay to bid for keywords I already have a high organic coverage for? Seamless Search a new search marketing SAAS platform. It can answer questions related to search engine optimisation like How much does my current paid strategy cannibalize my organic strategy? Should I pay for my brand and brand generic terms? What […]

Search Engine Marketing: Introduction to SEO and Pay Per Click

Level of Audience: Beginners in Digital marketing This Video is on the topic of Search Engine Marketing: Introduction to SEO and Pay Per Click. Businesses need to identify the best strategies, where to allocate their funds to get maximum Returns. This video gives idea for utilising the search engines. Source. First Published on YouTube Growth […]

How to Growth Hack Instagram

What is growth hacking before you Growth Hack Instagram? To Growth Hack Instagram or not? Growth hacking is a term that is used to describe a new and innovative approach to marketing. This type of marketing focuses on growth, which means that it is constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the internet. […]

Social Media Marketing Funnel (What YOU Need to Know About Digital Funnels)

Social Media Marketing Funnel (What YOU Need to Know About Digital Funnels) // Trying to set up a social media marketing funnel, but having some trouble understanding what EXACTLY a digital marketing funnel is an how it differs from a sales funnel? You’re in the right place, because here, I break down digital marketing tutorial […]

Creating Content For LinkedIn | LinkedIn Marketing Strategy | Tips from 3 Top Creators

Struggling to create content on LinkedIn? Want to know what to post on LinkedIn? Coming up with ideas on what topics to put in your content can be a tedious task. You will ask yourself, “What other ideas can you come up with to improve the quality of your content?” On this couch we have: […]