Digital Marketing Plan | Digital Marketing Best Practices | Digital Marketing Training | Edureka

Digital Marketing Plan | Digital Marketing Best Practices | Digital Marketing Training | Edureka

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This Edureka “Digital Marketing Plan” video will help you understand how to plan your business growth using Digital Marketing step by step (Blog: Below are the topics covered in this Digital Marketing Plan Tutorial:

1:17 Why Digital Marketing Plan is necessary?
5:02 What is the structure of a marketing plan?
14:07 How to make an effective marketing plan?
20:05 Best practices

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Topics Covered in the Post Graduate Program:

Consumer Segmentation
Consumer Marketing
Online Reputation Management
Performance Marketing
Web Analytics
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Channel Marketing
Influencer Marketing

Who is this program for?

Freshers looking to make a career in Digital Marketing

Entrepreneurs looking to get an in-depth understanding of Digital Marketing

Manager/ Executives looking to upgrade their skills in Digital Marketing



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11 Ecommerce Trends 2020 | Digital Marketing Trends 2020 - Hindi

11 Ecommerce Trends 2020 | Digital Marketing Trends 2020 – Hindi

#Ecommerce #Trends
#EcommerceTrends2020 #Brands #DigitalMarketing

2020 is here and we already crossed Jan. In this video I talked about the trends you may see in 2020 in Ecommerce Industry.

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facebook marketing strategy 2020 | Social Media Benifits | Digital Marketing Tips

facebook marketing strategy 2020 | Social Media Benifits | Digital Marketing Tips

Facebook Marketing Tools-
Facebook is an important platform for social media marketing. Many people are earning by doing social media marketing. Because this platform has the highest number of visitors.
Digital Marketing Course :

Digital marketing play list :
How to make money from forex by Digital Marketing

In this video, I discuss the new marketing strategies of Facebook 2020. If you watch this tutorial, you will find many benefits through social media marketing.
What I have shown –
– Detailed discussion of Facebook.
– Detailed discussion on Facebook.
– New strategy on Facebook
– Page Creating.
– Group addings
– Image Sharing
– Post comment
– Creating images.
– Finishing Group
– Affiliate Sharing.

This is the new strategy of 2021. By learning these techniques, you can share any link.
Every day new rules come to Facebook, not everyone knows them so I have shown the techniques in this tutorial.

This is one of the important techniques of digital marketing. To do digital marketing,
you must know the new 2020 strategies for facebook marketing. If you want to be all in social
media marketing then you must know about facebook marketing. Then you will benefit on social media.
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Social Media Marketing Benifits,
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Build A Marketing Strategy For Your Business In 5 Minutes | Digital Marketing

Build A Marketing Strategy For Your Business In 5 Minutes | Digital Marketing

Build A Marketing Strategy For Your Business In 5 Minutes | Digital Marketing
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Doing marketing without a solid strategy in place is the surest and most effective way to lose money, waste your time, and get nowhere fast.

Which is why on today’s episode I’m going to be taking away some of the mystery behind what a really effective marketing strategy looks like and give you the framework to build one of your very own in just 5 minutes.

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One Page Marketing Plan :

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What is Digital Marketing in Telugu | Learn Digital Marketing 2020

What is Digital Marketing in Telugu | Learn Digital Marketing 2020

Hello Viewers,

In this video, I explained about What is Digital Marketing | Why Digital Marketing? I hope, you guys were satisfied with the video.

Here the link of the detailed article please check out :

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I hope that You guys can support me to develop my channel.

Jashwanth Reddy.

Copyright Disclaimer:
“All the content in this video belongs to Jashwanth’s Tech. This video was uploaded with a Standard YouTube Licence. You are not permitted to re-upload the video again.”


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How to Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Managed IT Business in Corona Outbreak

How to Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Managed IT Business in Corona Outbreak

targeting keywords that include your IT company’s niche service(s) or those that address common issues your audience faces.

Try targeting long-tail keywords. “How-to” and other query-based keywords are easier to rank and can also generate considerable traffic. The best way to use these keywords is in your blog content, where you can offer solutions to your target audience’s problems.

You can also focus on targeting local keywords as they tend to be less competitive. This can be particularly effective for providers located in areas where the competition is low.

Using solution-based keywords such as “managed backup and recovery services” instead of simply “backup and recovery services” can help. Even though they generate less traffic compared to general keywords, they often better align with brands.

By optimising your pages with the appropriate keywords, you will find it easier to rank on the first page in SERPs. Further, you will get better-quality leads as the keywords will be tailored to your company’s specific offerings.

2. Make Content Your King

The technology industry evolves all the time and keeps churning out new solutions and services. It is crucial that you keep your audience informed of all these changes while educating them on how your offerings work and are exactly what they need. It is, therefore, advantageous to have a blog on your website that keeps existing and potential customers abreast of your offerings.

Creating compelling articles, “how-to” guides, whitepapers, case studies, infographics, and more will be effective in the above endeavor and help you convert website traffic into leads. If your content can convince visitors to give you their contact details, it would be the icing on the cake.

You need to be careful in choosing your topics though. Any title and content you create should have the latest information and must address the most pressing goals, opportunities, and challenges faced by your audience. This can include anything, from ensuring online security and cloud migration to managing installations and data backup.

For best results, focus on creating the following types of content:

  • Blog posts or articles that are unique, informative, factual, and resonate with your target audience
  • Vlogs or video blogs that demonstrate a process or procedure
  • Ebooks that are insightful and provide relevant details
  • Infographics that compress large amounts of facts and figures and present them in a digestible and easy-to-understand manner

3. Harness Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies of driving genuine prospects towards managed IT services. It is most effective when used to convey ideas rather than brands. For a provider of managed IT services, sending email newsletters can work well.

For email marketing to be a success, you will need a reliable email marketing tool. You will also need email IDs of prospects who have opted to receive the newsletter. Make sure to send out the newsletter regularly with each one offering meaningful and insightful content. Having an editorial calendar can be helpful here.

Email marketing can be used for lead nurturing. It’s no secret that the main challenge lies not in adding leads but engaging them. When implemented properly, email marketing will help you nurture leads in the long-term with the help of great ideas.

4. Get Linked to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is probably the biggest networking platform for professionals all over the world. It is also a great platform to find prospects who are genuinely interested in availing of your managed IT services. Here’s how you can optimally leverage LinkedIn to promote your company.

  • Upgrade to a premium account (if you haven’t already)
  • Get the top order in your company to make numerous first-tier connections. The higher the number, the better.
  • Publish links to your articles to your LinkedIn profile
  • Join groups and communities that discuss the interests and needs of your find potential customers
  • Create and publish short insightful content pieces in these groups over time
  • Use like LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find prospects and connect with them

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Digital marketing agencies team up with Classrooms for Malawi

Digital marketing agencies team up with Classrooms for Malawi

Digital marketing agencies AGY47 and Silverbean have teamed up with Classrooms for Malawi, a charity that works with schools in the UK to help children in Malawi, one of Africa’s poorest countries. The charity does this by helping children move out of poverty through education.

The marketing agency’s chief operations officer, Damian Hall, is providing strategic support as part of the award-winning Pilotlight programme. Pilotlight connects UK-based charitable organisations with business executives who provide their time and expertise to assist a charity’s growth.

Pilotlight has brought together senior legal, marketing, finance, business growth and people development experts as well as Classrooms for Malawi chief exec, Amy Blake, to create a team for growth. It will work towards three overriding objectives: to grow the Classrooms for Malawi schools programme in Scotland and beyond, which allows children to go to Malawi and help with the classroom building programmes; to help accelerate the development of schools on the ground in Malawi, and help address Malawi’s sustainable climate programme.

In Malawi, a child born to a mother who can read is 50% more likely to survive past age five, but there is a deficit of over 70,000 classrooms. The need to build a sustainable education programme is stark.

AGY47 head of paid marketing, Sarah Williams, will deliver additional support by providing expert advice and training for the charity’s staff. Williams’ team will assist with paid marketing management, applications for Google funding grants on the charity’s behalf, and move the charity’s digital marketing to a place of high performance to improve its visibility and reach.

Hall said: “When I first joined Silverbean and AGY47, I looked at how we could continue to support local charities – this is really important as we want to support what is right in front of us. However, we recently expanded into Australia; it felt like the right time to look outwards at global projects while continuing to support local causes.

“Classrooms for Malawi has a personal connection for me: my dad was based in Malawi when I was growing up. Visiting there was one of the major life experiences that has shaped me into the person I am today.”

Williams said: “We find that when a company chooses six or seven different charities to support, it dilutes the impact they can make and the fundraising they do. We want to offer another level of support by providing our time and expertise to help.

“This will make a bigger impact and will help the charity more than if we’d just made a donation and moved on, plus we will raise the charity’s profile in the long term.”

To learn more about Classrooms for Malawi and donate, visit its website here.

To learn more about Pilotlight and the company’s work, click here.

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Most brands understand that their affiliate partner programme has huge potential to grow, but lack the resource or experience to activate it.

Find out more

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Five digital marketing tips for freelancers

Five digital marketing tips for freelancers

30-second summary:

  • Freelancers are responsible for handling every aspect of their business to see growth – and digital marketing helps boost business growth. 
  • Your freelancing career involves marketing yourself while also handling client relationships. For different stages of the client journey, you need to stay organized, send relevant emails, and think creatively about what you have to offer.
  • Digital marketing opens opportunities for you to market your freelance business with the best possible website content, start new client relationships, reassure clients about their worries, and send personalized, automated emails at each stage of your client relationships.  

Freelancers have to execute work for their clients, but they also need to promote their business to get new clients. Digital marketing can be a powerful way to grow a business, but it’s also an additional skill set that not all freelancers practice.  

When it comes to building your brand, creating a compelling website, and generally marketing yourself online, what are the best ways to get started?  

Here are five digital marketing tips for freelancers.  

1. Focus on these four important website pages

As a freelancer, your website is one of your most essential tools. One of the reasons that people trust businesses is because of what they have on their website. 

And no website is complete without these four most important pages: 

  • The homepage 
  • The “About me” page 
  • The portfolio and work experience page 
  • The “Contact me” page 

Your website is the easiest and most direct way for a prospective client to learn about who you are, your skills, and how to work with you in the same successful way previous clients have.  

The homepage is where you should include your value proposition, and proof, like a client testimonial – of how working with you helps people see their desired results. A website visitor leaves a page within 10-20 seconds of arriving. However, a web page with a clear and immediate value proposition is known to keep web visitors on a page longer – long enough to (hopefully) convert them into clients.  

The “About me” page is where you show people what kind of a person your clients will work with – and that’s important to them. A report by BBMG states that 73% of people care about the company, not just the product or service when making a purchase. People want to buy from people. Authentic, similar, and likeable people.  

The portfolio and work experience page is where you can show off your best work. Clients often want to see a sample of the work that they’re going to get, to see if your style matches what they’re looking for. This page is that sample. 

The “Contact me” page is key. This is where people can hire you, so it’s a great place to answer any outstanding questions — to lay out the next steps and reiterate your value proposition. It’s also a good place to collect important information, like the budget, from people who contact you. 

You can have all other types of pages on your site. But start by getting these four right. 

2. Create an online course 

According to a Stratistics MRC report, the global elearning market is projected to account for over $275 billion by 2022 (which is way up from the $165 billion accounted for in 2015). 

Creating an online course can feel like a lot of work, but it’s become easier than ever to sell your expertise. Online platforms like Thinkific or Podia give freelancers the tools they need to productize their experience — and potentially introduce some recurring income. 

When it comes to creating your course, keep a running list of the questions you get most often from your clients. Which projects come your way the most often? What information do you wish all your clients understood? 

Each of those questions can serve as the backbone for a new course — and most technology platforms will give you more ideas about how exactly you can package your product to sell.  

It takes an up-front investment to get an online course off the ground, but once you launch you can create a revenue stream that isn’t hourly or project-based billing (and expands beyond selling your time directly). 

You can host online courses on your website or through another platform, and you can promote courses via social media posts, paid advertising, and segmented emails.  

3. Create a client onboarding checklist 

When you have a new client, your first step is not to immediately start work on their project.  

Up until now, you and your new client have talked about things like your skills, the types of projects they have in mind, and the cost you agreed on for your services. You made a general plan for your work together. Now is the time when you put the plan in motion. 

A client onboarding process can make sure that everyone is on the same page. More importantly, onboarding is where you show new clients what you can do.  

As you begin work with a new client, you can upsell them on an online course, gated content, and other helpful resources. And as you start, it helps to have an onboarding checklist to keep track of each necessary step to sustain productive client relationships.  

A client onboarding checklist includes steps like

  • Send an automated welcome email with details about what to expect next 
  • Send an invoice email for the first half of payment 
  • Set up a shared project management tool for project progress visibility 

The structure is an important part of any relationship – and especially your client relationships. You can’t expect clients to follow your lead on a project if they don’t know what path they are walking. Clearly lay out a client onboarding process for yourself and use a checklist to stay on track.  

4. Address these three most common client objections 

Any prospective client is going to have questions for you – and they are also going to come ready with reasons why working with you won’t work out. 

But you have to remember – they are talking to you because they need your help. When common client objections arise, it’s up to you to be able to handle them. 

You can use your digital marketing to handle client objections before they even reach you. Your website copy, blog content, social media posts, and emails can all showcase how you deal with your clients’ problems. 

For example, a prospective client who is worried about the cost of hiring a freelancer may respond positively to website copy that says, “Pricing is month to month with no contracts, no extra fees, and no hidden gimmicks”. 

When you are directly dealing with a client through emails and phone calls, being prepared with a list of objections and your responses can help with them over 

Three common client objections you can encounter are

  1. It’s too expensive: Instead of leading with price, focus on the value and benefits of your service. Circle back to what the client gets with your offering, and the problems or pain points it solves.  
  2. You don’t understand my business: Respond with curiosity instead of getting defensive. Agree with them and let it be known that you want to learn about their business, then ask them to tell you about it. 
  3. I don’t have the time or resources for this right now: Instead of asking them when the best time to talk later is, ask them what time and resources they DO have right now. This helps you learn what support you can offer them in the meantime.  

Some clients might be worried that hiring you is too expensive. Instead of a reply that defends your pricing, focus on the value and benefits of your offering. Circle back to what the client gets with your offering, and the problems or pain points it solves.  

5. Send automated follow-up and thank you emails to clients 

Throughout a client relationship, certain emails are required. During a project, you should send multiple check-in emails. After a project is done, you should still keep in contact with clients through follow-up and thank you emails. 

Follow-up emails can go to past clients that you want to work with again. In many email marketing platforms, you can find customizable follow-up email templates to cut down on communication time for you.   

When you have a new client, it’s important to build on your existing relationship and keep communication open. Sending a personal thank you note after you complete a client’s first project shows that you care. 

Personalized, thoughtful communication is the root of good customer experiences – and a big reason why clients continue to work with businesses. However, it can sound like a lot of time-consuming work to send out all of the necessary types of emails to clients. Automation exists to help you send every email you need without extra work from you.  

Nucleus found that marketing automation improved business productivity by an average of 20%. It can help you track and maintain communication with your clients. You should use marketing automation to send a thank-you email to first-time clients and follow-up emails to past clients.  

I hope freelancers everywhere can benefit from these tips and other free resources for freelancers. Manage clients, promote your freelance brand, and grow your business by taking hold of your marketing strategy.

Lauren Minning is a Content Marketing Specialist at ActiveCampaign.

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5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Raluca Radu in Episode 36 of #DigitalBrunch: Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

#DigitalMarketing #OnlineMarketing #DigitalStrategy

1. Online marketing automation will be on the rise
2. Last-click attribution will start to die
3. Conversational interactive marketing will be the focus
4. Vanity metrics will count less and less
5. Brands will prepare for visual search and voice search

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How will digital marketing change in 2000, then 20? Will it actually change? Does it depend on the industry? Of course. But there are some online marketing trends that they think we should take into account for next year. First of all, and we talked about it in our previous episodes. Marketing automation will definitely be on the rise according to the market. Their surveys, 86 percent of the display ads right now will be programmatic in 2020. Also, check boats are on the rise and also Google and Facebook are implementing more and more autonomous automation in bidding, targeting and so on. And you probably know already if you follow digital branch on YouTube if you haven’t. Don’t forget to subscribe now because we always bring you fresh digital marketing tips, trends and case studies. So as I was saying, marketing automation will definitely be on the rise. And why do I think this will happen? Because especially it will save us time. It’s digital marketers. It will help us focus on the creative, on the message, on strategy and so on. And it will make us as marketers more effective and more productive. Secondly, I think that finally less click attribution in Google analytics will slowly start to die. It will be just the beginning. But the good news, in my opinion, is that with the launch of Google Data Studio and DOD, the FBI tools, I think that businesses have started looking at the whole customer journey and realizing that less click is actually a trap because it doesn’t give you insights into the whole journey that the customer undertakes your relationship with your brand before converting. And they think that’s a trap that we will finally get over. And that’s really, really good news. Third, I think that in 2020, the fact that Facebook and Instagram have started and not only the other social media networks have started focusing more and more on stories, on instant content, on groups and communities will also make brands do this shift that is, in my opinion, long overdue. I think social media will finally be more and more about communities and groups and actually long term relationships with customers. As you already know, Facebook is prioritizing groups and it will do these more and more. It’s also prioritizing stories. And we also see the rise in Snapchat stories, in Instagram stories. All the other social networks have this type of instant real time communication that makes everything more and more interactive. And this will also help brands not to communicate so much. One way, not to just publish content, but, for example, to publish quizzes and polls and other types of content that will help the interaction with the customer. So it will be more and more of both conversational marketing. This is something that will result. It will be about conversational marketing. It will be held by chat boards. And check bots will not only be used for customer service, but also as a start for marketing campaigns. Of course, this trend is more visible in the more developed markets, but it will become a general rule on the market and it will start. Another good news is that in 2020, it will be a bit less about vanity metrics. I think that the fact that Instagram is starting to hide likes is the first step in this direction. It will help the brand. Real brands realize that it’s not so much about vanity metrics, but about the end results, about the relationship with the customer, about the customer that clicks on it and so on, about the whole funnel. And they think that’s really, really good news. Finally, and another good news is that finally, brands because of GDP are and also about because of CPA, they will look more and more into pride. We see and they think this is also good news for the customer. Last but not least, you know, those rumors that it will be only about voice search in 2020.


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Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends in The Logistics Industry

Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends in The Logistics Industry

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