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Lotame Releases Onboarding For People-Based Ad Targeting 03/15/2017

Lotame will announce Wednesday the general availability of Lotame Onboarding, a people-based marketing service supported by LiveRamp.

The service aims to support brands and agencies like
IMGE, which has been working to integrate the process into its ad-targeting strategy.

Taking offline data and bringing it online for attribution or targeting has become important to IMGE’s
clients, said Matt Capristo, director of online advertising at the four-year-old digital advertising agency, which works mostly with political campaigns and corporate advocacy groups.

Onboarding, a process of taking offline data to use for online ad targeting, has picked up steam in the past three to four years, Capristo said. “The prior process was disjointed,”  he said.
“We had to send the file to LiveRamp, which sent it to another DMP and sent it to the buying platform.”

Success will mean cutting latency from the process and that even could mean shaving five
days off the 10-day process it takes today to prepare for a campaign, he said.



The development of the product took about two months to complete. It required bringing “quite a bit of LiveRamp
data” into our system, said Laura Lewellyn, senior director of market innovation at Lotame.

Lotame provides a format. Advertisers upload the file through a secure site. LiveRamp, which uses
something called “identify link IDs,” uses the personally identifiable information to target ads and content.

Using the identify link IDs, Lotame links the cookies and the device-level data to
make it available to marketers. 

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LinkedIn Releases New Tools for Virtual Job Interviews

LinkedIn Releases New Tools for Virtual Job Interviews

LinkedIn is releasing new tools in response to all aspects on the job hunt going virtual due to COVID-19, including the job interview itself.

LinkedIn is launching a test version of a new video introduction feature, as well as an AI-powered tool that gives feedback on peoples’ spoken word responses.

Here’s more about each of these new tools.

Video Introductions

LinkedIn is testing a feature that’s designed to improve peoples’ ability to make a positive first impression to hiring managers.

“We’ve found that 65 percent of people believe that the impression you make online is just as important as the one you make in person, but it can be challenging to show your soft skills to potential employers when you’re not in the same room.”

LinkedIn’s new video introductions feature allows hiring manager to request an introduction as part of the hiring process.

The candidate can then respond either by recording an introduction or providing written copy.

LinkedIn Releases New Tools for Virtual Job Interviews

“A carefully crafted response can help you stand out before the official interview process even begins,” the company notes.

AI-Powered Feedback

LinkedIn is bringing AI-powered instant feedback to its interview preparation tools, which can help candidates prepare for common screening questions.

“When it comes to the interview, more than 50 percent of people say they lack confidence,” LinkedIn says.

To help candidates answer questions more confidently, the instant feedback tools will listen to peoples’ responses and analyze the speech content.

Users can record practice answers and submit them to the AI feedback tool to get an assessment on their answer delivery.

Feedback provided by the tool is aimed at helping people refine their interview and speaking skills.

For example, users will receive advice on pacing, how many times they use filler words, and sensitive phrases to avoid.

LinkedIn Releases New Tools for Virtual Job Interviews

If they choose to, users can send their recorded responses to their LinkedIn connections to get some more personal feedback.

This feature is rolling out globally and can be accessed immediately after applying for jobs through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s Video Interview Tips

Included in LinkedIn’s announcement are three key tips for successful video interviews.

Cut the small talk

It’s important to establish a realtionship quickly in a video interview.

“You don’t have the luxury of small talk on a video call,” the company notes.

Use the first few minutes of a video call to establish a personal connection.

It may help to check the interviewer’s LinkedIn page for any background information or mutual connections that could give you something to talk about.

Keep it quiet

There’s a long list of potential interruptions when working from home – whether its kids, roommates, or family members who are also under stay at home orders.

If you’re sharing a space with other people, let them know you have an important interview scheduled so they don’t accidentally walk in or make an excessive amount of noise.

Prep your tech

An obvious but often overlooked tip is to make sure your technology works, and you know how to use it correctly before the interview.

If you just got a new webcam, for example, you may want to have a practice call with friends to learn how it works before going live with a potential employer.

Source: LinkedIn Official Blog

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