Branding in 2020 - 7 Web Design Trends (#4 Is Our Favorite)

Branding in 2020 – 7 Web Design Trends (#4 Is Our Favorite)

Branding in 2020 is going to be awesome. With so many exciting designs inspired by search engines, mobile visitors and the need for speed, designers are branding in a whole new exciting way.

Branding in 2020 should be great fun if you are a web designer.

Timestamp to help you navigate to the right part
1:10 introduction – branding questions
1:51 understanding branding
3:48 Tip 1. Branding with color
6:10 Tip 2. Asymmetrical designs
7:47 Tip 3. Greater use of video
10:07 Tip 4. Thumb friendly navigation
12:10 Tip 5. Simple fast loading website
15:05 Tip 6. Combining images with fonts
17:15 Tip 7. Nostalgic design and branding
20:20 Concluding comments

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There are two things really driving the web design trends for this coming year.
A) Freedom with asymmetrical designs and mini animations.
B) Even more mobile friendly branding and thumb usability.
These factors alone are in the driving seat to have a great impact on the websites your competitors are having designed while we speak. Web design cannot help but be affected by trends. 2020 web design is no exception for one massive reason….smartphones or mobiles. Your branding in 2020, your designs, your layouts are all having a large impact because of the overwhelming traffic coming from mobiles.

What is branding?
Before we start looking at some examples of the top 7 design trends, let’s be clear what branding is. Often there is some confusion over what it covers. Its more than the logo, website, color scheme and style guide. Actually that’s your brand identity. Branding also includes the tone and how you are perceived by your audience. Amazon’s CEO says, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. So the impact of branding in 2020 will require a slightly different approach from previous years. It’s less about the design and more about the experience. Going mobile friendly, offering quick answers using a chat-bots, offering a fast loading beautiful interface to your visitors on all devices and mediums is very much part of your branding too.

So enjoy the 7 areas i believe will become very evident in 2020 branding.



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Source. First Published on YouTube

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