Social Media Tips

Social Media Guidance For Exhibitions

Social Media Tips – Today, most companies that host trade shows or exhibitions rely on social media as a way of connecting with participants. If you are setting up a trade show of your own or are going to be participating in a large exhibition, it is absolutely essential to integrate social media into your marketing plan. There is no better way to keep people informed and to attract new clients. Try putting these social media tips into action the next time you participate in a trade show:

Social Media Tips

Begin Promoting The Event On Social Media Well In Advance

Social Media Tips

Try to build anticipation for the trade show by promoting it ahead of time. Provide teasers for your followers including examples of the types of products that they can see at the show, any contests that you will be holding, and prizes that they could potentially win. This type of advanced promotion is excellent for convincing people to attend.

Create A Special Hashtag For Your Show

Social Media Tips

Make it easy for people to find others who are talking about your event by creating a special hashtag and encouraging attendees to use it. Use the hashtag in all of your posts and encourage people attending the event to do the same. Remember to add this to any banner, sign or gazebo printing you will be using in the event.

Give People An Incentive To Visit Your Booth

You have to do more than just tell people about your booth if you want them to show up. Instead, you need to give them some sort of incentive for visiting. Techniques like holding a book signing or giving away a free product are highly effective at driving more traffic to your booth. Be sure to use the special hashtag that you came up with every time you talk about your booth so that it is easy for people to find you online.

Use Images And Videos

 Don’t just post text-based content. Instead, post images and videos. Researchers have found that posts that include images get people twice as engaged as posts that just have text. Create a visual story for your followers, showing them photos of your booth, videos of some of the prizes they could win, or a behind-the-scenes look at the show when you are setting up. The goal is to create entertaining content that gets people engaged.

 Create A Show-Related Hashtag Specifically For Your Company

Along with coming up with a general hashtag for the show, you should also come up with one that is used specifically in relation to your company or your booth. Encourage people to use your hashtag by holding a contest on social media. Another option is to create a funny or interesting backdrop where you can take photos of attendees and share them through social media using the hashtag. Create a prize for the best or funniest photo.

 Follow Up After The Show 

After the show, search social media for people who attended. Try to connect directly with them, thanking them for dropping by and finding out if they have any questions. This type of follow-up can help you gain long-term customers.

Participate In Relevant Groups On Facebook and LinkedIn

Large trade shows usually have pages on sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. Try to get active in these groups. Avoid being overly promotional. Instead, create buzz about your business by asking intelligent questions or posting interesting content. This will help you connect with people who are attending the show. Try to position yourself as an expert in your industry.

Assign The Role Of Handling Social Media To A Dedicated Staff Member

If you want to succeed on social media, you need to regularly post content. The best way to stay on track is by giving the job to an employee or team member. Make sure they understand that they are responsible for adding fresh and engaging content to your social media accounts throughout the duration of the show. Assigning the task to a specific person helps ensure that it doesn’t get overlooked when things get busy at the show.