Email Marketing Launch: 4-Step Email Sequence For Your Ecommerce Business

Email Marketing Launch: 4-Step Email Sequence For Your Ecommerce Business

Are your current email marketing campaigns not converting? Grab Joshua Chin’s 4-Step Email Launch Sequence, plus a bonus tip that could get you out of the promotions tab and into the primary tab! 📩

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of ecommerce’s biggest days of the year. Prepping for these two days can take months of planning and priming to really nail down your strategy. With BFCM behind us, we’re shifting focus towards the holidays as well as all major sales events to come.

Joshua Chin has created a 6-step sales sequence breaking down ecommerce email campaigns to help you really focus in on your customers. Get ready to learn how he implements his campaigns through priming his audience for these major sales events. He’ll share his highest-converting holiday email marketing tactics to set you up for success. From planning to priming, take a seat and learn Joshua’s full breakdown on his 6-figure BFCM ecommerce email campaign.

Josh is the founder of Chronos Agency, a leading ecommerce marketing agency comprised of a team of 50. They are responsible for generating multiple 8-figures in trackable ecommerce revenue for clients. The agency specialises in scaling with high-growth ecommerce brands utilising email, SMS, and conversational marketing.

Affiliate World is a bi-annual affiliate marketing conference held in Europe and in Asia. We organise world-class gatherings that focus on affiliate and ecommerce marketing.

Since 2015, our conferences have grown exponentially and have become globally recognised in the industry.

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Facebook Ad Launch Strategy | $0 to $1000/Day Dropshipping 2019-2020

Facebook Ad Launch Strategy | $0 to $1000/Day Dropshipping 2019-2020

Here is my updated Facebook Ad launch strategy for 2019-2020 👍.

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Whats going on guys!

As requested, here is the video on my updated Facebook Ad Launch Strategy.

This guide will give you a step by step outline to follow when it comes to effectively testing a new product for your eCommerce store in 2019 and 2020.

The strategy that I am going to be showcasing is tried and true, and it allowed me to take a brand new Shopify store from $0 sales to over $1,000/day in only 4 days.

Quick disclaimer: You will need at least $1,000 to sustain your Facebook ad spend at the beginning of this testing strategy.

I broke this whole guide down into 4 major steps.

Step 1: The Foundation

It all starts with a great product…

To save us some time – I recommend watching my video on how to find winning products.

In the video I do some live product research to give you an idea of how I do my product research, and also give you some potential winning products to test.

You can watch the video here:

However, here are some good baseline tips you should follow to make your product testing more effective:

-Once you pick a product, do some research on it. Know exactly what it does and how.

-Look at the reviews on Amazon for this product. Look on Aliexpress, what are people saying about it?

-You can use this research to find pain points and emotional triggers you can use to market your product really well.

Your product page should also be very clean and professional. Research some big brands in the niche of your product and look at how they are branding their product pages.

Step 2: The Ad

Unlike what many people might want you to believe, there are hardly any products out there that truly “sell themselves”.

Good marketing is what will sell your product (however if the product is great it will be easier to market it well and sell it effectively).

The most effective types of ads are video ads. Video ads allow you to explain your product really well and also to create custom audiences out of the people who have viewed your video.

Here are the baseline tips when it comes to creating your video ads:

-Gather clips from Facebook, Aliexpress, and YouTube (be careful of course.

-Present a problem, and a solution afterwards.

-Try to make your ad look “native”. Don’t be too salesy – use a viral video format.

-Always test at least 2 different ads.

-Split test the first 3 seconds of the video, ad copy, thumbnails, or just a new video altogether.

If you want to see exactly how to create a viral video ad, checkout this video I made where I create a winning ad live.

This ad was the foundation for a winning product that I had, so it might be very helpful for you to see how I created it.

Here is the video:

Step 3 and 4 I recommend you watch the video for. I am running out of space here in the description, but you can also download the PDF version of this video with the link above, if it’s more convenient for you to read it over.

I hope you enjoyed this video and got some value from it. Drop a like for me if you can, and make sure to stay tuned on my next upcoming video. Have a good one 😁!


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$0-$10,000 Instagram Influencer Marketing Launch Strategy | Shopify Dropshipping 2019-2020

$0-$10,000 Instagram Influencer Marketing Launch Strategy | Shopify Dropshipping 2019-2020

$0-$10,000 Instagram Influencer Marketing Launch Strategy | Shopify Dropshipping 2019-2020

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$0-$10,000 Shopify Dropshipping on Snapchat *2020 Strategy*


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