Epic Growth Strategies from Vargab Bakshi, Shopify

Epic Growth Strategies from Vargab Bakshi, Shopify

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Craig Campbell hosted Vargab Bakshi, Head of Partnerships for Shopify India. Vargab is an expert in e-commerce and has prior experience in Google and Martjack.

Craig gathered Vargab’s secrets on how to use growth marketing in e-commerce and wider marketing fields.

00:00 – 04:11 – Introduction
04:12 – 46:50 Growth marketing strategies and personal success secrets by Vargab Bakshi
48:00 – 01:00:17 – Q&A
01:01:06 – 01:01:34 – Closing


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Advance keyword research for SEO in 2020 ( WITH PROOF)

Advance keyword research for SEO in 2020 ( WITH PROOF)

In this guide you’ll learn what is keyword research,why it is important for SEO and 5 best ways to do advance keyword research for seo.

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100% Free Keyword Research Tool For SEO 2020 | Keyword Everywhere Alternative

100% Free Keyword Research Tool For SEO 2020 | Keyword Everywhere Alternative

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