Web Design Trends 2020 | Website design 2020 Predictions (plus examples)

Web Design Trends 2020 | Website design 2020 Predictions (plus examples)

In this video, I am exploring what are expected from 2020 when it comes to website design and development. If you are a new or established web designer, developer or ui designer and want to keep up with the websites that are successful. I have put together 5 web design predictions I expect to see make a solid stand in 2020, including real examples to show you exactly what these trends are. Web Design is changing so fast, so make sure you are not falling behind and creating out of date content this year.

What trends do you predict will take off in 2020? Let me know in the comments!

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Whats up guys! I am Tristan Parker, a web and graphic designer from Exeter, UK. I have been designing for over 10 years and have become obsessed with the wonderful world of vlogging! So I have taken the leap to produce my own content to share tips, knowledge, opinions as well as my individual design processes and what my life is like as a designer. Hopefully I can inspire or help those looking to either build their own website or start a web design career of their own, If you have any questions or want to learn more about coding as a designer, leave me a comment and I will get back to you.


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Graphic Design Trends 2020

Graphic Design Trends 2020

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Want to know what graphic design trends to look out for in 2020? In this trend roundup, we profile 10 trends for this year. Take a look!

Blog: https://envato.com/blog/design-trends-2020/?utm_campaign=envato_social_eyt_JAIvWg4iQHo&utm_medium=social&utm_source=YouTube&utm_content=description

0:19 – 90s Revival

90’s DJ Flyer by Guuver

1:00 – Acid Trip

Acid and Modern Intro by nixmotion_v2

1:28 – Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk – 80s Retro Text Effects by Sko4

2:00 – Earthy Colors

Artisan Abstract Shapes & Line Art by august10

2:44 – Monochrome

White Marble Backgrounds by themefire

3:20 – Street Art

Metal stone social media graphic templates by Chanut_industries

4:00 – Brutalism

Prospekt Typeface by MehmetRehaTugcu

4:33 – Sketch Illustrations

Essential Hand Drawn Brushes by pixelbuddha_graphic

Pencil Sketch by miph

5:21 – Collages


Lomography Typography Poster Photoshop Action by bangingjoints

6:05 – Variable Fonts

Manufaktur by dafeld

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The Rock Bible by LoopsLab

6 Transitions Pack With Opener by CGKOO

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Graphic Design 2020: The BIGGEST graphic design trends 2020

Graphic Design 2020: The BIGGEST graphic design trends 2020

Love graphic design? Keep your designs looking fresh with these top 8 graphic design trends 2020 you need to know about! We’re sharing all of our graphic design predictions with you!

From color palettes to fonts, we count down the hottest graphic design trends 2020 with loads of easy tips to help you stay ahead of the game.

Visit our blog for our full run down on the top graphic design trends 2020: http://bit.ly/36YHIXA

Even if you aren’t a designer, there’s lots of easy ways you can use these graphic design trends!

Embrace these our 2020 graphic design trends today – check out the examples we’ve included of Apple, Spotify, Hubspot, Hootsuite, Zume, Classpass, Doist, Twitter, Google, and more!

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The top 8 Graphic Design Trends 2020 are…..

Trend number 8: Better branded animations

Trend number 7: Minimalist landing pages

Trend number 6: Genuine & neutral stock photos

Learn more about using stock photos: http://bit.ly/2QucaDp

Trend number 5: Beautiful flowing shapes & lines

Trend number 4: Heavy but simple fonts

Learn how to pick fonts: http://bit.ly/353TKxb

Trend 3: Abstract & dreamy illustrations

Trend 2: Color gradients

Trend 1: Muted color palettes

Learn more about how to pick colors:

Leave a comment to let us know which graphic design trend you’re most looking forward to using in 2020!

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Popular Web Design Trend in 2020: Neumorphism | Soft UI

Popular Web Design Trend in 2020: Neumorphism | Soft UI

In this video we will take a look at a practical example of neumorphism or soft UI, a web design trend that is getting very popular in 2020. We will be using HTML and CSS’s box-shadow to create this effect.

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#neumorphism #softui

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10 Web Design Trends in 2020

10 Web Design Trends in 2020

New year, new web design trends!!

Come join us as we talk about the top 10 web design trends you will see for 2020. A lot of these are continuations of things we’ve been using like more gradients, rule-breaking typography, and animations.

Livestreamed Feb 26, 2020


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TOP 5 Web Design TRENDS 2020 | Web Design ideas | UI/UX Trends 2020

TOP 5 Web Design TRENDS 2020 | Web Design ideas | UI/UX Trends 2020

TOP 5 Web Design TRENDS 2020 | Web Design ideas | UI/UX Trends 2020
#webdesigntrends #uiux #webdesign

Here we are discussing and presenting most colorful and attractive eye catching webdesign trends in 2020. You can suggest or give your ideas on comment section or make a message via facebook & instagram.


These are trends on Dribble Developers and designers who are getting involved with new designs to sale.

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Could this be the BIGGEST UI Design Trend of 2020? #Neumorphism

Could this be the BIGGEST UI Design Trend of 2020? #Neumorphism

http://www.linode.com/designcourse – Use code ‘DESIGNC19’ to get $20 credit on your new Linode account!
– There’s a new trend in town that’s just beginning to form on the outskirts of the dribbbles and behances, and that is “Neumorphism”. Neumorphism is derived from “New Skeuomorphism”, as it’s a specific and different play on skeuomorphism we’ve known from the past. In this video, we’ll take a look at where this trend originated from within the last couple months, some examples from other designers, and then I’ll show you how to utilize this new trend in both design software and HTML/CSS. As always, with any trend, tread carefully and don’t overuse it.

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