Data Analyst vs Business Analyst | Salaries | Roles | Comparison

Data Analyst vs Business Analyst | Salaries | Roles | Comparison

Data Analyst vs Business Analyst seeks to answer your questions such as:

1. Who is a Business Analyst? – 1:11
2. Who is a Data Analyst? – 1:37
3. What is the skill set required for the Business Analyst? – 2:22
4. What is an ideal skill set of a Data Analyst? – 2:48
5. What is the typical job role of a Business Analyst? – 3:14
6. What are the roles and responsibilities of a Data Analyst? – 3:26
7. What is the salary earned in both professions? 3:41
8. Which top companies are recruiting a Data Analyst and Business Analyst? – 4:04

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A Business Analyst is a person who uses data to help organizations make informed business decisions while a Data Analyst is someone who collects, analyzes and interprets numeric data to turn it into meaningful language easily understood by people. This is then used by the upper management to make practical and concrete business decisions.

Their job profile may look similar in the sense that they both help in decision making but the role of each is different. Our Data Analyst vs Business Analyst video will help you understand major differences in two. Business Analyst’s main job role includes understanding the requirements of the business and then solving and optimizing the problems through data analysis. On the other hand, Data Analysts’ main tasks include gathering and manipulating the data using statistical tools and deducing them in forms of graphs, charts, and histograms.

Also, there is a difference between the skills set of data analysts and business analysts. The skills required by data analysts are more technical. It includes Data warehousing, programming knowledge such as Python and R language, Adobe and Google Analytics, SQL knowledge and database/spreadsheet knowledge. While an ideal skill set for a business analyst includes, analytical thinking skills, communication, and leadership skills.
However, both business analysts and data analysts should be problem-solvers and should have a good hand at Data Analysis.

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