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Social Media Calendar 4 x Networks

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Excel Social Media calendar.

Social Media Calendar 4 x Networks 1 Month of Automated ,Timed & Planned Updates.

We will create and provide a Social Media Calendar for 1 month in Excel for 4 social networks. The four networks are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

For every day in that month we will create and add:

  • Status Update
  • Web link if required
  • Image if required

Social Media Calendar, are useful to plan your social media communications. They can be used to convey your overall message or as part of a specific targeted campaign. They ensure there is no hasty and haphazard social media update and that any social media comms is part of a wider story and communications message. It also means that if your Social Media is signed off and ready to go for a month you can focus more on Community Management and other channels.

Please note, with the view that we would want to provide you with an integrated “multi-channel” communications plan, the content for each network will be the same. That is the update for Facebook will be the same as Twitter. The key difference in the updates for networks will be length [e.g. only 140 characters for Twitter].

Tools used to create an editorial calendar vary from paper to standalone tracking software integrated into publishing tools. There are at least four types of technology used to create an editorial calendar:

  • Pieces of paper and a file folder
  • A paper calendar or online calendar (for example, Google Calendar)
  • A spreadsheet or online spreadsheet (for example, Excel or Google Docs)
  • Editorial process tracking software in publishing software

We will ensure our team is completely briefed on your tone of voice, brand guidelines, and campaign plan and brief before the commence production of the calendar. Once we have the draft ready we will share with you for sign off or amendments.

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