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Setup & run 2 A/B Tests for 1000 website / mobile visitors Growthie

We will create and execute two A/B tests / experiments on your website or landing page. We can run this test on mobile pages also. The test will be limited to 1000 visitors.


a b testing at Growth Hakka abtest2We can run the test on any two of the choices below [you choose]. We can also choose what to test for you if you are not sure which areas need testing. Whilst 2 from the choices below are fixed, the exact nature of the experiments are flexible.

1. Calls to Action e.g. Buy Now vs Add to Cart
2. Copy e.g. Different Headline text or bulleted paragrpahs vs listed
3. Visual Media e.g. test one image against another i.e. one image contains product and the other image contains people or a rotating carousel vs a static image.
4. Sales Funnel e.g. less pages in funnel vs more pages
5. Site Navigation e.g. Testing order of menus or how navigation bar is displayed i.e. horizontal vs vertical
6. Forms e.g. test shorter length of form vs current form or test form with a promotion and without
7. Mobile Site e.g. Android vs iOS visitors or different navigation options
8. Colour e.g. Blue vs green for buttons

a b split testing at Growth Hakka

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