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Product Data Feed Management

This is for our Product Data Feed Management solution. E-commerce and product data has evolved beyond its beginnings. With the market constantly growing and expanding, large chunks of budget is being allocated to product listing ads and acquisition campaigns driven by product data. Marketing and E-commerce teams are feeling the pressure to better utilize the full revenue potential of the channels they export to.

Whether you call it a product, shopping, data or inventory feed, the goal to deliver a high quality file or data extract with a perfect data structure is now critical “business as usual”. The better the quality of your feed, the better your product visibility, and ultimately, the better your performance.

For a monthly fee we will manage ALL of your product data feeds. We will create them and maintain them with all the product updates from your catalogue and then distribute them to which ever Search Engines, Affiliate Networks, Price Comparison websites, Ad Networks [e.g. Facebook] you want to be found on. We can distribute your feed to over 300 channels and will become your Product Data Feed Management agency.

product data feed management

Our clever technology allows us to scrape and collect information regarding products and offers directly from your website, or from APIs and feeds, and use the resulting data in a range of helpful applications to optimise for multichannel campaigns. This price will be for  Unlimited uploads and exports per month and for a maximum of 25,000 products and for a minimum 6 month contract. For additional product SKUs we will need to negotiate!

How Product Data Feed Management works


If you are an e-commerce merchant or marketer
To ensure visibility of your online product ads online so that you can increase traffic, sales and ROI.

To distribute optimized product feeds to online shopping and marketing channels which include Google Shopping Feed, Affiliate Partners, Price Comparison websites and ad networks.

Your online shop or store sells hundreds to hundreds-of-thousands of products, which is difficult for you to stay on top of with all the regularly changing product attributes, information and requirements from e-commerce channels.

You have limited technical know-how: Product data feed management is complicated and you need technical skills to work with large data feeds, so you depend on third parties or your overworked IT department for support. You also have limited time!

Feed customization: Each channel like Google Shopping has its own data structure requirements. You need to know the specific – and often updated – requirements of each distribution channel so that you can ensure your feeds comply and don’t get rejected.

You may feel left in the dark: With no clear overview and understanding of your data, you don’t know how to unlock its potential or if you are getting the most from it. Is it performing as well as it could.

Takes too long: You are investing and wasting a lot of valuable time in trying to manage and optimize your feeds and your Product Data Feed Management methodology.

Wider Distribution: Because of limited time and skills you are not reaching as many channels as you want to. We can distribute your feed to over 300 channels.

Some tips for maintaining your Google Shopping feed.

Some vendors who use Product data management, although to be clear this is NOT via Growth Hakka



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