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STARTER Startup Growth Package

Have you just developed a new mobile app? Are you a technology startup? Do you need a startup growth package to grow users and followers? Maybe you have an e-commerce store, or a book or song. Essentially, if you have a digital presence, service or product that is about to launch or needs a boost of users and followers this package is for you.

We guarantee the below minimum numbers and won’t charge for any more extra that we acquire.


In the unlikely event we don’t hit these numbers we will refund for each one we don’t acquire . Each user/follower costs £0.39p [thats £500/1275 followers or users].

We will use some tried and tested Growth Hacks to acquire these followers in this Startup growth package. This is will be our approach:

  1. Editorial Calendar/ Communications plan production for 4 networks per month [in Excel]
    1. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Instagram
    2. Set up and launch of all campaigns to mutually agreed Campaign Editorial Calendar [defined by Growth Hakka, signed off by Client]
    3. Tone of voice of calendar = Educational.
  2. Twitter:
    1. Profile mining to identify whom to follow. Focus will be on people who are likely to be interested in the product. Aim for people interested in your industry. At the same time we won’t limit to these exclusively.
    2. Follower growth using follow / unfollow principle. Target 500 followers per month. Caveat we have not properly assessed your current rate of growth. As follower numbers grow, rate of growth generally grows anyway. Ultimately we want to get you as many followers as possible, however we need to be realistic in that follower growth is unlikely to go viral unless we have some really exclusive content that people are interested in. Hence starting with modest targets in this Startup growth package.
    3. 1 tweet per day as per editorial calendar. 20 tweets per month.
  3. Instagram:
    1. Follower growth using follow / unfollow principle.
    2. 1 gram per day as per editorial calendar. 20 grams per every 4 weeks.
  4. Facebook:
    1. 1 post per day as per editorial calendar. 20 posts per every 4 weeks.
  5. Mail Chimp Mailing List Growth – Capture Name and email address utilizing Capture technology
    1. Using competition mechanics.
      1. 1 competition per month
    2. Using capture / pop-up technology
    3. Provide Javascript code for website to enable social competition entry and capture technology for the Startup growth package
    4. Target = Minimum 50 sign ups per month
      1. Caveat. We do not know your current website traffic. We may need to revise this number and it’s likely we will get a lot more.
    5. Very basic fortnightly reporting on campaign performance.
      1. 3 Month summary report.
    6. Ongoing optimization of campaigns to achieve targets using behavioral rules
    7. 1 Product Hunt Listing.

One Mail Chimp mailing list growth campaign is defined as:

  1. Setting up 1 Competition [see samples ]
  2. Setting up Overlay / Pop Up Captures [see sample below]. We will choose to use as many Overlay types as needed to achieve targets and manipulate which traffic and behavior types we serve it to.

Access Required:

We will need admin access to

  1. Capture Technology Software –  We will set up and configure. JavaScript required to be entered to website to enable.
  2. Google Analytics – to connect to capture technology, to assess campaign performance, to understand current user behavior
  3. Your Twitter account
  4. Your Facebook account
  5. Your Instagram account
  6. Your Google+ account
  7. Your Mail list software account e.g. MailChimp
  8. Twitter / Instagram social media follower management software – We will set up if you do not already have a solution you are using.
  9. Social media management software license for Facebook, Twitter. Should be free in terms of cost. We will set up if you do not already have a solution you are using. E.g. Hootsuite
  10. Full Google Drive or Cloud based access to all available content past, present and future. Videos, images, copy, Gifs, infographics, brochures etc that you may have
  11. We might need access to your Website or to your developer[s] on an ad hoc basis

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