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Content Portfolio Analysis & Strategy Growthie

We will provide analysis and strategic recommendations on overall digital content proposition and content acquisition strategy with the ultimate goal to create a disruptive & winning content portfolio strategy. We will help ensure your content acquisition is focused on the right content verticals that would not just generate downloads and new users but also increased revenue from paid content.

We will provide Content Portfolio Analysis & Strategy by providing two key reports :

  1. A cohort analysis or consumer profile analysis and report e.g. Apple vs. Android users or Guardian vs. Financial Times readers . Analysis will focus on Demographic and Behavioral dimensions. We will also look at revenue and business model analysis, publisher analysis if you are an App Store and Geographic data.
  2. A content vertical category & portfolio analysis report and a content consumption analysis report on 5 content verticals e.g. Games vertical, News & Info vertical. Portfolio analysis will use the following analysis techniques
    • Compound Annual Growth Rate [CAGR] Analysis
    • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats [SWOT] Analysis
    • Political, Economic, Social & Technological [PEST] analysis
    • Boston Consulting Group [BCG] Portfolio analysis
    • GE Matrix Analysis
    • Porters 5 Forces Analysis

mobile games cagr analysis

We are very adept at working with large data sources i.e. files of over 100,000 records.  Ideally key data fields such as reporting period, app store name [where applicable], publisher name, app or content ranking data, geo and location data, paid vs free apps data, avg price data, application category data,content type ie. app vs game, date content was launched, price distribution, category distribution, cumulative data like cumulative rating over time, download per day, revenue per day, business model,proportion of downloads by weekday. Other data sources can also be qualitative and quantative data from sources like Strategy Analytics, Gartner, IDC, Nielsen, Admob Mobclix, Appsfire, Ericcson consumer labs, Accenture etc.

BCG Portfolio analysis

From the data we can pull out patterns, insight and trends to help you make your decisions.

This type of analysis can take at least 2 to 3 months to complete. Deliverables include Consumer Profile / Cohort Analysis and Content Vertical Portfolio analysis plus 1 final strategic recommendations report. The combined reports will be around 250 slides.

If you were to engage any of the Big 4 consultants this type of project would cost more than £50,000!

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