Dental Influencer - The Best New Dental Marketing Strategy for 2020

Dental Influencer – The Best New Dental Marketing Strategy for 2020

In this video, we talk about the power of using a dental influencer to help market your practice.

Companies pay millions of dollars for famous people to create Instagram posts endorsing their products, which are seen by millions and millions of followers who trust their recommendations.

Instead of trying to collaborate with celebrities, we recommend reaching out to micro-influencers in your community.

Micro-influencers generally have around 10,000 to 100,000 followers and are much more authentically engaged with their audience.

My Social Practice has pioneered a new program to connect dental professionals with local micro-influencers perfectly suited to help them grow their practices.

My Social Practice is the #1 comprehensive, integrated social media marketing solution for dentists, orthodontists, and eye care practices worldwide.

Interested in working with micro-influencers to grow your practice?

My Social Practice’s exclusive influencer program will connect you with great local micro-influencers to create authentic, engaging content for your practice that your potential patients will trust and act on.

Click the link in this post and fill out the form to request a free consultation today.

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