Upcoming April 14! AMA with Samir ElKamouny, Founder & Chief

Upcoming April 14! AMA with Samir ElKamouny, Founder & Chief

Samir is recognized through his extraordinary commitment to next-level marketing tactics. He’s passionate about testing new advertising strategies, post-click experience, and conversion funnels that have generated over $100 million across dozens of industries. He founded Fetch & Funnel in 2017, growing the agency to $100K in MRR within a year. 

In this AMA, he’ll answer questions about:

  • How to advertise during a pandemic

  • How to profitably scale on Facebook & YouTube in 2020

  • Successful customer acquisition and conversion strategies that will grow any business, in any industry, at any point in time

So speak up, and learn from the guy that has run ads and been featured by Kissmetrics, Neil Patel, Tim Sykes, Larry Kim, and The Gadget Flow.  

Aside from media buying, Samir & his wife Rose were featured on Puppy Bowl XV (2019) for their work saving street dogs.

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