9 Trends in Content Marketing for 2020 (Fresh Ideas) | News Review

9 Trends in Content Marketing for 2020 (Fresh Ideas) | News Review

Content marketing evaluates and develops every day. The best way is to go ahead by learning new studies each week.

Check out the links of the best articles from last week:


1:03 Content personalization
2:28 Virtual reality, augmented realit, interactive content
3:17 Visual-heavy social media
5:11 Classic storytelling
6:05 Voice search
7:15 AI and chatbots for conversational marketing
8:43 Omnichannel content strategies
9:43 More brand collaborations
10:07 Building authentic brand voice
10:43 Where the blog: subdomain, directory or offsite?
14:27 Learn how to write compelling copy from the masters of copywriting
14:48 Write with your ears
15:37 Write irresistible headlines
16:39 Put the most important information first
17:31 Don’t go off on any tangents
18:47 Make it crystal clear
19:55 Why we removed 3.000 pieces of outdated content from the HubSpot blog
22:18 5 practical ways to increase the conversion rate of your ecommerce website
23:53 Website popups
24:31 Customer testimonials
25:18 Email marketing
26:00 10 reasons you can’t be afraid to experiment & fail with your content
26:46 You can’t get better unless you try something new
27:53 We learn more from our failures than our successes
29:22 You can’t afford to not experiment as you never know what might flip the dial
30:11 You’ll never stand out if you toe the line & do what everyone else is doing
31:12 Something might not work the first 2 times, but the third time’s the charm
31:48 Closing the doors too early means you might not have the chance for something that could be amazing
32:16 Failure gives you motivation
33:09 How to write email marketing copy that converts like crazy
33:42 What is persuasion?
36:50 Breadcrumb structured data reports now available in Google search console
37:41 Making Review Rich Results more helpful
39:07 Your syndication partners should canonical to you or they may outrank you on Google
39:56 Organic search responsible for 53% of all site traffic, paid 15% (study)
41:07 Stop wasting money: 8 tips to maximize your content
42:02 Create a strategy
43:08 Learn from the past
43:29 Learn from competitors
43:50 Listen to your audience
44:29 Leverage your subject matter exports
45:47 Use same content in multiple ways
46:20 Measure content performance & be agile
46:54 How to unleash the power of pre-outreach strategy
48:20 10 link building lies you must ignore
49:38 You don’t need links to rank
50:03 Only links with high domain authority matter
50:40 You need to build links to your money pages
51:47 You have to create the best, most informative linkable asset
52:27 The more emails you send, the more links you will get
53:24 The only benefit of link building is algorithmic
54:20 You should only pursue exact match anchors
55:17 Link building requires technical abilities
55:45 All follow links provide equal value
56:43 Researching new markets: a 3-step guide
57:44 Target Audience Analysis
58:10 In-depth competitor analysis
58:43 Producing useful content is the new SEO

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