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Learn How to Create Branded Interactive HTML5 Mini Games for Marketing Campaigns

Want to learn how to create Branded Interactive HTML5 Social Mini-Games with prize draw functionality and full Leaderboard at ZERO cost, cutting out the middleman, agency, designer, developer; that are social media optimised, mobile friendly, and responsive AND publish to your website, Facebook page, mobile app or messenger and GO LIVE with your campaign in a few hours instead of weeks and days? Want to learn how to use creative content to produce interactive marketing assets and collateral for your product or service, using Online Growth Hacking Technology?

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Interactive Marketi ng Statistics

  • 88% of marketers say interactive content differentiates them from their competitors (Business2Community)
  • 93% said interactive content is somewhat or very effective at educating the buyer, versus just 70% for static content
  • 79% of marketers agree interactive content has reusable value, resulting in repeat visitors and multiple exposures (Business2Community)
  • 75% of respondents said that Interactive Games were most effective when used for content marketing as the Early Stage (Awareness/Discovery) of consumer journey (Content Marketing Institute Research]
  • 79% agree that interactive content enhances the reputation of a brand’s message, while 79% think this content leads to repeat visitors and greater online exposure.
  • Interactive content generates 4-5x more pageviews than static content (LinkedIn)

Boost Your Marketing with Highly Branded Interactive HTML5 Content. Beautiful Engaging Experiences Without Developers.

When you’re part of a larger corporation, personality can get a little lost in shareholder reports and sales forecasts. It can get a little, well, corporate. Sometimes it’s worth putting aside industry norms and doing something to make you stand out. Sharing game can add a bit of fun to the brand persona and make your audience smile. Not that smaller organisations or brands can’t benefit in the same way.

Another available option is to have a leaderboard, giving the games a competitive edge. The chance to win a prize will make players more likely to play and share their scores on social media, raising awareness of the game to their connections and increasing your reach and with a suitable prize may even go VIRAL!

Let’s Recap:
The interactive content statistics shown above have taught us:

Branded Interactive HTML5 content…

  • Helps increase conversions
  • Differentiates your content marketing
  • Increases engagement
  • Captures reader attention
  • Educates readers more effectively
  • Gaining traction amongst marketers
  • Improves Brand Recall when launching new products and services, and it drives consumers’ decisions when differentiating between competing companies.

This course is for:

  • Beginner marketers who cannot code in HTML5 and want an edge and differentiation in their marketing campaigns against their competition
  • Beginner marketers who want to create quick and easy Branded Interactive HTML5 marketing assets for marketing campaigns
  • Small Business and Startups with minimal resources who don’t want to engage 3rd party Marketing Agency, Designers or Developers.
  • Beginner marketers who want to create Branded Interactive HTML5 marketing material with prize draw functionality and full Leaderboard
  • Growth Hackers and more Advanced Marketers who want to DELIGHT their clients and save some times in producing content and marketing assets.

This course will teach you How to create Interactive HTML5 Social Mini-Games & Playable Ads that are social media optimised, mobile friendly, and responsive.

The games you create can be shared and published anywhere ie. your website, your mobile app, Facebook page and even messenger campaigns to drive engagement with your brand and marketing.

Also get analytics data, integrate with Google, MixPanel and Facebook analytics for full usage and engagement data.

One of the main points of this course is to create engaging Branded Interactive HTML5 marketing collateral at SPEED, and not spend days in production and design. Also to not spend a fortune producing video and graphics with a design agency. This course will make you self sufficient and marketing collateral production is a crucial tactic and skill set for aspiring marketers and growth hackers.

There is an exercise at the end of each lecture so be sure to pause at the right moments.

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